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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Decision made!

This is it folks. Three panels of four blocks, blended together with green dupioni silk, mounted on hidden wooden frames. My resident carpenter has agreed to make the frames AND (after dragging him to the art gallery this afternoon) he MIGHT make an additional strip frame around the outside to finish them off. It's such a relief to have decided and actually have begun! IF we managed to have some sunshine, this might have been pretty. Jack has dumped the frozen water from the rain barrel and it's lying in clumps on the snow bank. Quite sparkly and interesting...


  1. making a decision is often the hardest part about a project! Hope it comes together easily from here :-)

  2. OOOH after seeing these in person and thinking they was GAHgeous, they gonna be ULTRA GAHgeosu framed like that!!!AWESOME!
    (So's Jack :})

  3. Very pretty blocks MA. I am sure it will turn out lovely - they always do no matter how much we agonize over them. Will be waiting to see this finished.

    Now you can watch my struggle with my latest squares. I am starting to put them on my blog except the color was bad so will retake them tomorrow with the flash or in the sunlight.



  4. They look amazingall neat like that ready for framing.

  5. That should look great MA can't wait to see what happens.

  6. Whew! that's a relief. Its going to look great!!

  7. Wow, they are so pretty. It is going to be a master project.
    Looking forward to see the final!

  8. Your crazy quilt blocks are utterly beautiful.. What a project!! I love it!!

    each block is marvelous and it's own Work of Art!!..

  9. What a wonderful way to celebrate your 12 successful TIF pieces. You can enjoy them forever. They are beautiful and go together so nicely.


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