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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

You just haven't lived until...... stand outside on the side of the road in the freezing cold, with one foot on the road and the other in a snowbank, bailing dog barf out of a cup holder in the car, where dog, sporting a funnel -shaped cone on his head, has managed to aim. Nope, you surely don't know what you're missing. 'nuff said.

On a more positive note, Odin had his stitches removed and doesn't have to wear the ridiculous cone any more. The pathology report on his eye still isn't back, so we don't know the cause. No matter, because right now he's a happy dog - chewing on his brand new (disgusting-smelling) bone and growling ferociously at anything that dares come near.


  1. better the cup holder then on the carpeted floors or the fabric seats... but eeewwww

  2. poor you ... poor dog. Glad to hear he's adjusted to his new circumstances.

  3. So let me guess...Im not supposed to be laughing right now am I? trust me I didnt even smile :). Maybe next time the vet could give him a head cone with a built in barf bag . Im am glad Odin is ok - hope the car is. it could have been worse ....not sure how though - he might have barfed down the back of your neck while you were driving. that definitely would not have made me laugh

  4. Payback--go Odin :}

  5. I was wondering what "barf" means, but I think I slowly get the idea...
    Poor you.
    Glad he is better now!

  6. I had a cat barff moment today. Just got my laptop out of range!

  7. Anonymous10:15 AM

    Mrs Noofy

  8. Is Odin going to be sporting a nifty patch over one eye. If I remember right there used to be a little dog either in a program or a commercial who used to wear a black patch.

    You could come up with something better then that.

    All kidding aside I am glad he is doing so well and hope the test results are good.


    FredaB - getting ready to go build her igloo.


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