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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A dilemma?

What's this you say? It's yet another idea of what I can do with my 9" square crazy quilted blocks from the Take It Further Challenge last year. This one involves creating three panels of four squares each (to cut down on some of the weight AND perhaps make it more portable for possible hanging at shows. It could be hung either in this direction or sideways, depending on the area that's available. could simply be hung as individual pieces (perhaps changed three times a year to give variety?).

Idea #2 - is to put them all together into one larger panel...mounted on wood for support. It would take a fairly big area to hang it as a whole and be less portable.

Idea #3 - is to put them into a book format. Smaller for storage is a plus...however...not perhaps as easily viewed in a show setting, or in the house for that matter (I don't know if people tend to pick up books and look at them when they are in your house???).

I really need to make a decision and get these things done so I can go on to other things. So...what say you? Please give me your feedback, pros and cons, or whatever you think!


  1. I think this three panel idea is brillant! leaves lots of flexibility and options, while addressing the issue of weight...

  2. I like the idea of the three panels and also the book (one page opened each month of the year) but book not good for shows - too much handling by viewers.
    Have you considered putting sleeves all around the 12 blocks and insert slats of wood with one end of each sleeve closed and the other end open with some sort of a fastener (button, zipper, or?)....Slats could be removed for shipping or transporting..... An additional sleeve at the top as usual for hanging....... You mentioned weight - have you actually weighed it? Does it weigh more than, say, a mirror? I was wondering if the weight might not be as much of a problem as you seem to think?????
    Just another possibility to consider. Sorry!

  3. Anonymous3:40 PM

    i like the idea of three panels too. the book will get tucked away and never looked at (trust me I know) i went to show someone my book the other day and couldnt find it! plus then you can call it a triptych which sounds seriously arty.

  4. Definitely a triptych---i rarely look at even any books i've made for myself after they're done---dum dum dum, why make em then? And the three panels can be displayed on their own too in various places in your home, or sideways, or upside down or whatever together:}

  5. Hi MA

    I have seen panels hanging
    like this and they look good. An idea is to attach a tab to the top of each and then hang them on a decorative pole. Also you could do the tabs 3 different lengths and get a different look. I don't know what color the blocks are but black velvet or burgandy velvet would make good strong tabs. Just an idea.



  6. As you know MA I have made mine into a book and will be exhibiting them in the Guild exhibition later this year.
    I intend to put a couple of white gloves with the book to allow people to turn the pages.
    But I do like your triptych idea and as someone else suggested you could hang them from a pole ie a wooden curtain rod and I think this would be very effective.
    Whatever you do they will look good.


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