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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Working on PSI's

Today I've spent my time 'making fabric' out of odds & ends to use for the PSI swap I'm in. I pretty much used the directions for fabric charms which is a free tutorial on the Fibre & Stitch site ( which was written by Sue Bleiweiss. Of course I didn't have the exact requirements but managed to find something that worked. The second picture shows the fabric cut into PSI's and finished around the outside. Now I just have to put something on the back and they're good to go! I'm likin' these.


  1. These look great! and I love those coasters in the previous post too :)

  2. OOO scarey colours, like blood and burnt flesh :} Great!

  3. Looking very fine! Loving the look of the broodingly dark colourways and anticipating some excitement to come. PS mine winged their way to Arlee yesterday.


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