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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Brown Paper Packages NOT (quite) tied up in String

Today I will begin the 'A-Z' Series, which I think will be fun and will also keep me busy to think of items to include for each letter of the alphabet. So, here goes with the letter 'A'....
- pretty obviously I should start with the A-Z book series, which I have to admit I love. So far I own the Embroidery one I've pictured here, along with 'A-Z of Ribbon Embroidery', 'A-Z of Embroidered Flowers', and 'A-Z of Bullions' - any and all of which I would recommend highly. They each have very good instructions and lots and lots of coloured pictures, which we all like!
- 'A' is also for one of my favourite blogs: Albedo Designs (ie Arlee) is a great artist and my biggest inspiration to move on toward being an artist as opposed to a 'crafter'. Actually, yesterday she wrote a very insightful post about that very topic.
- 'A' is for another of my favourites: Allison Aller is another of my inspirations. She does the most wonderful things with flowers and embroidery that I've ever seen.
-'A' is also for another site: This blog (whose name escapes me at the moment...did you know "a" is also for Alzheimers??) makes you really think about the 'junque' you find at flea markets and making art out of those finds.
Now, on to the picture for today. I'm doing another step towards redoing my box. I'm sure you are very interested to witness what crumpled up brown paper looks like whilst drying on my laundry room floor! Stay tuned for what I do with it....


  1. Brown paper looks like leather if treated right--for the box, perfect?
    Thanks for the link! Great idea with the alphabetting :}

  2. I love those A-Z books MA so informative.

  3. I like the A to Z theme. May give it a try after I get the PSI's off the list.

    Waving "Hi" back. Your comment came through with no email.


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