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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Of bras and bags

Bet that title caught your attention!
The first picture today is some of the new/old beaded purses I have hanging in my workroom. The black one is old, but I'm not too sure about the age of the white one. The blueish-purple is one that I knitted with beads a couple of years ago. The round beige one was made for me by one of the elderly ladies in our quilt guild to go along with my lovely porcelain doll, which was recently beheaded by the cat. Yep, Cosmo worked his magic and isn't smart enough to run from the scene of the crime. I was upset but it's only a doll, even though I did take lessons on how to make it! There's no longer a doll-making studio in the area, so there's no hope of replacing her.
As for the bras, the second picture is for you Arlee. Thought you might like to see how someone else worked with copper sheeting! No, I didn't make was one of the bras that were donated for the Bras For A Cause breast cancer fundraiser. I thought it was quite unique.
Further on the bra subject ... today a friend & I got fitted properly and I'm currently wearing one that more or less makes me feel like I'm wearing the afore-mentioned copper one!! However, I am assured that it takes years off my age, so for that alone, it's worthwhile. Perky vs. droopy...I guess there is no contest. Sigh. Even my husband noticed. Darn, because all this time I've been looking forward to the day when I wouldn't have to wear one and could just tuck 'em in my belt! Let me tell you, this thing gives a whole new meaning to lift and separate - not quite Madonna cones, but close. What we don't go through to put our best foot (boob) forward....


  1. WHO DID THAT??????
    Yeah, mine are always in the damn way, bra or not. At least bra-less ya can throw them over your shoulder--tucking comes untucked :}

  2. I likey that copper bra. BTW, should I wear armor when I next see you?? I don't want you to take out my eye with your new bra & thought that perhaps I should take some protective measures, lol.


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