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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Goodies in the mail and 400!!

Now who would have thought I would stick with this long enough to reach 400 posts?! Who knew I had that much to talk about?
Today's picture (which you will need to click on to enlarge) is of some of the goodies my friend Arlee ( sent me. We traded for the atc's and I'm pretty darn sure I got the best end of the deal! I love her work. The lace is some she hand dyed (painted). So pretty and I'm sorry the colours aren't showing well in this picture. The gorgeous green piece is an unfinished (her words, not mine!!) pin, which I am supposed to complete. I'm thinking maybe a row of beaded picots around the outside will definitely be enough.
She also sent me a great piece of lutrador which she had 'altered' which I neglected to include in the picture. I'll save that to show in post # 401.

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