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Monday, October 29, 2007

"C"onscience!! That's a C word.

Yep, CONSCIENCE. That's what I'm suffering from at the moment. Everybody knows there's a 'date' coming in December when things need to be completed by. I know this. It happens every single year. So why on earth am I spending my time working on a box that has absolutely nothing to do with the deadline staring me in the face? And why am I enjoying it so much, despite that pesky little voice in my head telling me I'm sure to regret this waste of time - big time. Picture of progress is included.
Further on 'C' for today:
- 'Cosmo' my 'cat' (second picture) who is the 'cause' of a lot of laughter and angst in this household. He was quite aptly named after the character of Cosmo Kramer in Seinfeld. Remember how Kramer always skidded into the room, making a dramatic entrance? Well, our Cosmo is exactly the same. He's also the cause of things going awol, amuck, and general mayhem in my workroom!
- I know I've mentioned this one before too, but it's worth a look if you like animals.
- is a knitting blog I enjoy. She has a wonderful sense of humour which is something I look for.
- "c" is also for Patti Medaris Culea who is a doll designer I particularly like. Check out She produces patterns and has written some pretty inspirational books on the subject
- and 'c' is for if you are searching for 'self' and looking for an interesting author on the subject.
Lastly, anybody happen to know what this plant is? It is extremely tall and gangly (hence the reason I've buried the flower into my lemon tree to hold it up). It reminds me of a geranium of sorts in the flower, but the leaves are long and skinny. Got any ideas Arlee?

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  1. What do the leaves look like??? Does it have any fragrance? How long have you had it? Is it a woody or tender stem?


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