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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

No pictures, much mumbling

Working on Christmas presents doesn't lead to a lot of pictures for blogs, especially when people are readers! Sorry 'bout that. Will try to improve!.

Today I shall mumble (feel free to stop reading if you like)....

1. SharonB of has proposed a new challenge for 2008 to replace the current TAST (Take A Stitch Tuesday) whereby we all attempt to reduce our stashes and work on our stack of UFO's. I think it's a great idea (long-time readers of this blog will know I've been reducing stash anyway). I love the thought of being accountable to someone, whether it be someone I know personally or a cyber community. Being accountable to myself just doesn't happen because it's too easy to just say I'll do it later and go onto something else that is currently of interest. The proverbial start-I-tis syndrome which leads to a lot of WIP's or UFO's languishing in piles and boxes, leading to being overwhelmed AND huge feelings of guilt. Sharon's original proposal involved actually weighing our stash and UFO's at the beginning of the year and again at the end. Nope, not me! They don't make scales big enough! I think the majority seems to feel the same way, so I don't think there's going to be a weigh-in. Either way, it will be interesting to see what happens with this.

Oddly enough, on the same subject - Knitting Daily has been talking about the very same thing...UFO's and why we have them. When I returned to knitting I swore I would NEVER (hah) have any more than one project at a time on the needles. Well then. Ahem. I lied. Yep, I admit it - I lied. The number has risen to five and is threatening to keep increasing. What is it with knitting anyway? And why is it that we (I) have to have a different knitting bag for each project? It's an illness I know it is and it appears as though it's infecting more and more people all the time!

2. Knitting blogs I enjoy reading each day:

The final two on the list aren't strictly about knitting, but have some. Mostly they are good for a laugh, which we all need.

3. Another interesting site I have stumbled upon is which in turn has led to me going on a reading binge of her (Jennifer Louden) books. Currently I'm reading 'The Woman's Retreat Book - A Guide to Restoring, Rediscovering, and Reawakening Your True Self in a moment, an hour, a day or a weekend'. I also have her 'The Woman's Comfort Book - a Self-Nurturing Guide for Restoring Balance in Your Life' waiting to read next. I can't say as I will be following a lot of her suggestions, but certainly am finding there is a lot to think about. As women we are in serious need sometimes of learning to look after ourselves, not only physically, but mentally as well.

4. Today I dyed. Yep. It's 'that' time of year for the proverbial flip-the-mattress-wash-the-entire-bedding process. Who knew that a green wool blanket would turn a flannel sheet the most interesting putrid shade of P-green in the washer? oops.

5. Has anyone ever figured out a use for dust bunnies? It's one of those questions I would like to have answered. If there's a factory somewhere in the world that makes something with them, would you kindly let me know? I have a big supply, just waiting for a good home. All postage paid.


  1. I'm with you MA --I need to have someone who I think is "watching" me so that I will finish some of the UFO's and use some of my "stuff" that I have accumulated over the years.
    But the biggest challenge for me will be not to buy more to replace it

  2. :} I bet if you slapped a pile of dust bunnies on a piece of fusible..or threw them all in a laundry bag and felted them in the machine...or used them as fuel for pyrography techniques.......

  3. I thought dust bunnies were for the cats to play with and drag all over the house...:)



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