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Friday, October 12, 2007

Another fundraiser bra and general mumbling

This is another of the bras that was included in the Bras For A Cause fundraiser. I thought this one was well done and full of significance.
- wonder why blogger has a 'thing' about sometimes including spaces for paragraphs and sometimes not. I really do use them you know!
- it's a good thing that blogs don't get laryngitis like I seem to have at the moment. The darn tree leaves are doing 'something' (in this case, falling) and whenever they do, my allergies kick in. This time I'm losing my voice, which tickles the other housemembers tremendously. They have no sympathy.
- I've been reading a lot about Zentangles on the net lately. Do you remember doing these in school? I certainly do. For those who don't know what a Zentangle is, check out
- Cleaned windows today. Yep. You really needed to know that.
- check out for some great instructions for making flowers from ribbon and for dyeing ribbons too.
- is generally interesting to check out
- check out Allison Aller's blog to see what she's working on right now - it's 'FAN'tastic.
- has some rather interesting (and funky) dolls
- has a couple of interesting tutorials, both about making beads using recycled plastic bags, knitting needles, and a heat gun. Pretty cool.
There, that ought to keep you busy for a little while. Hopefully you find something to interest you!

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  1. I'll find lots interesting in all those links you gave us :-) and I hope after I've spent the time looking you're laryngitis will have taken a hike and you'll be feeling better.... :-)


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