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Thursday, February 08, 2007

A few interesting blogs for you to check out

Today, since I have no pictures ready, I'm giving you a few new blogs/sites I've discovered in the past while. Maybe you'd like to check them out. takes junk art to the extreme and makes the most fascinating sculptures from 'found' objects. Well worth checking out! is for anyone interested in art journals, plus there's a lot of other things on her site as well.

All three of the above are blogs primarily devoted to altered and college art. is Allison Aller's new blog, which is a continuation of her old site which was so badly spammed. Love her stitchery! I think I mentioned this one before, but it's worth a reminder. All sorts of experts answer crafting/art questions on this blog on pretty much any subject. is another interesting one. Right now she is creating a piece of art a day from found objects. She also has a new book about to be published.

There, hope you enjoy your surfing!

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