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Saturday, February 24, 2007

A complete TAH DAH!

Remember me showing you one completed sock last week? Well, guess what, I have another one to match! And, wonder of wonders, I have cast on for another pair in the same colourway. Be still my beating heart! Actually I had high hopes of starting a pair in my wonderful new sock yarn, but I feel sorry for Jack. Initially I gave this pair to him, which he was happy about, but then decided they were just a bit too short for his foot (which made ME happy, because I'd made them for me in the first place!). Now, to be a good wife, I suppose I should take pity on him and actually make him a pair that fits.
I'm also struggling with making a pair of those Fibre Trend clogs that everyone is talking about. Struggle being a key word in the equation, believe me. First problem is that I have to use circular needles which, being new, are quite stubbornly resisting my efforts to get them to straighten. I finally got my first row cast on and the first row knit. THEN I started to read the instructions for row 2!!! Talk about techno-babble. However, I am refusing to admit defeat and am determined to win out on this one. It is, quite simply put, the last (I repeat, last) time I will ever believe an accomplished knitter when they say a pattern is easy!! If this is easy, I'd sure hate to see what they class as being hard.

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