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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Sorry, dear reader (s)

I realize I neglected to post yesterday and, to add insult to injury, I have no pictures for today either. Oh oh.

In my defense...yesterday I was busy working on presents and have three more reaching completion. Last night, when I should have been having my computer time, we ended up helping out at my brother-in-laws. Today, we went Christmas shopping and pretty much are done. Just have a few stocking stuffers to pick up and get it all wrapped. Now before you all go getting excited about 'how far ahead I am', calm down. If you could see my to-do list you would understand that there really isn't anything to be excited about. We might have the boughten stuff done, but I'm no-where near finishing the 'made' stuff. Plus which, I intend to paint two rooms sometime before the tree goes up. Yeah, go ahead - tell me I'm nuts. I can take it.

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