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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Four hours of painting

Four hours spent painting today and have nothing to show for it, other than an unholy mess. Putting on primer just leaves things looking horrible. I got the first coat of paint on the kitchen though (it looks horrible too at the moment). Sure do wish I could wave a magic wand and have the whole thing done!! Hopefully I can finish the kitchen tomorrow and get at least the first coat on the living room. Did you ever notice that, once you start changing something, the rest of the house suddenly starts looking seedy? It's just like the galloping ick. I was perfectly happy with the cellarway until I see it against the new kitchen it's yeeewww. However, it will wait til after Christmas.

When the dust settles we hope to have painted the kitchen, living room, cellarway, one of the bedrooms and all the trim in the house (which is going to be a colossol pain in the butt). I'm even going off the deep end and painting all the doors which are the old ('50's) style slab doors currently just finished in varnish. It would be nice to replace them, but there are just simply too many (11 to be exact).

Wish me luck!

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  1. Thank goodness you're going to paint the doors! When I was having my piddle party with Odin the other day, I thought that was the only thing spoiling the effect of the new bathroom. Hurray :o).


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