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Saturday, November 04, 2006 long last

Today we got the primer coat of paint on the kitchen. Yes, it's a big deal. We've only been trying to figure out what colour to do it for over two years and, once we had a colour, it's taken months to muster the courage to start. Our kitchen is very cut up and there is very little area where you can use a roller which makes it hugely time-consuming.

Painting is like the galloping ick though because one part leads to something else and pretty soon you've had to re-do the entire house! As it is, we have to do the living room too and all the woodwork in the house. You can't change the colour in one place and not carry it through. I heartily dislike doing woodwork because the ratio of crawling on the floor/my back isn't always a pretty picture. Oh well, it can't last forever...can it?

On another note, I crossed off another Christmas present this afternoon.

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