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Friday, March 27, 2009

"Uh oh....OH NO!!!!!!"

For some reason (unknown to mere mortals like me) Blog-grrr is being rather grrrrr-usome today and refusing to let me write where I want to on these pictures. Hmmm... maybe it has spring fever too??

Anyhoo...picture one (shown above...I think) is an ever-hopeful-of-clothing fashion doll I have lying around my studio.

Picture two (shown below...I hope) explains all the whining going on in the title of this post:
And the sadly out of focus final picture was the final straw for this poor destroyed doll.
Oh dear, whatever am I up to now???


arlee said...

You go go here:

Doreen G said...

Playing doctors and nurses again eh?

Jackie said...

I can't see your pictures here except the head..slightly scary!

Anonymous said...

For crying out loud MA...pull yourself together.!!
Mrs Noofy

Marie Alton said...

Some kids never grow up!

Still playing with dollies MA?

But what I wanna know ... is why are you dismembering this poor thing?

I have one of these without a head ... use it as a dress-maker form for the odd pattern I create for my neice Sarah.