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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

I'm baaaacccckkkkkkk!!!!!

Did you think I was never coming back? I was beginning to wonder myself. We've never felt so rotten for so long. I had to feel bad because I spent a week staring at the tv and doing NOTHING....ack! I couldn't even read a book!! I'm back (I hope!) and here is the promised picture of the wonderful paperweight that Paula sent me. The camera, for some reason, didn't want to focus properly on it. That lovely white dupioni silk (my absolute FAVE fabric in the world) was wrapped around it. Enlarging the picture might help you see the wonderful stitching Paula did. There are hundreds of french knots in the background, which is a tremendous feat in itself, much less the intriguing work she did on the rest of it. Thank you Paula!! Today I finally got to sit down in my studio and play a bit more with my denim/metal piece. This picture should have been taken outdoors in the sun in order for the metal to show up better, but I wanted to show you that I actually have done something.
You might want to check out a couple of things: Nellie of has a post today titled "Our Biosphere Reserve". Take a look and be sure you scroll down to see how she did it. Fantastic work!
The other thing is that the latest 'issue' of Twist Collective is up at if you'd like to check it out too.


arlee said...

YAY!!!! HEY SIS! Glad you're feeling betters. It's absidly horridous being so sick you can't be creative.
And i'm liking the denim and metal---and wondering where you will take it in exploration----hmmmm

Doreen G said...

I have been feeling the same MA in fact I'm off to see the Doc this afternoon--can't stand it when I can't create.
Love Paula's embroidery.

Nellie's Needles said...

Glad you're feeling better. It's a bummer to feel so bad there was not a stitch made.

Thanks for including the link to my Smoky Mountain quilt with those other wonderful pieces in your post.

paulahewitt said...

Im glad you are feeling better. Im also glad you liked the paperweight AND the wrapping 'paper' - i hope you will be a good 'greenie' and re-use it :)
the demin and metal looks great.

Marie Alton said...

YAY ... you're feeling better! I've missed you! Love the stitching on Paula's piece ... and very cool additions on your denim & metal piece.

Anonymous said...

Hey..good to see you still in the land of the living. Sorry you missed CQ'teers but March 25 is just around the corner. Thanks for the link to Nellie's Needles..remember her from my smocking days!
Mrs Noofy

disa said...

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