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Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Progress and CQTeers

There has been a little progress on the latest barn as you can see from this picture...

Becki left a comment on my post for the needlebook tutorial raising the question about what 'CQTeers' stands for and more about our little group so I thought I'd answer here in case anyone else might be interested.  Our little group began in approximately 2004 and consisted of four members (told you it was little!!).  The name 'CQTeers' came about because when we began we were primarily doing crazy quilting (hence the CQ) and the 'Teers' came from the fact that one of our members was obsessed with the 'Mouseketeers' of Walt Disney  and Mickey Mouse fame.  Over the years our membership has pretty much stayed the same with a couple of people dropping in and out.  Currently we are at three members and try to meet once each month, alternating homes. EDITED TO ADD: We also have one long-distance honorary member! Each hostess provides coffee and a dessert (we each bring our own lunch) as well as some sort of program for the afternoon.  We either learn a new technique or create a small project.  Of course we also enjoy a lot of conversation and a show and share session.  Most months we also go home with some 'homework', most often in the form of a theme that we use to create an ATC (Artist Trading Card) to exchange at our next meeting.  By now we have amassed quite a collection!!

- HERE is a rather pretty cross stitched maple leaf pattern.

- Have a look at the extraordinary work of THIS artist - made with thread!!

- Perhaps you'd like to make some of THESE to indulge yourself (or...think ahead to THAT day in December!).

- Some of you might enjoy having a look through THIS gallery of different variations on log cabin quilts.

- My friend Pam Kellogg has just released some new inspirational cross stitch designs and you can read more about them HERE

- And Kathy Shaw has just opened registration for her free ICQC-104 Advanced Motifs online class and you can find more info through the link found HERE.   

- There's a tutorial HERE for a lovely lace cloth book.

Another anonymous quote for you..."Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it.  The time will pass anyway"


  1. Thanks for the history of the cqteers. You also have honorary members, I hear..

    The barn is coming along a treat. You've really hit your stride in the barn series.

  2. I still belong to two mini groups but now I live in a different province so getting together is about one a year when I travel back for a visit. Haven't found a small group here in Pine Grove.
    Thanks for more links to explore.

  3. Hi MaryAnn!
    Your QCteers group sounds wonderful.
    And Pam's new samplers are amazing.

  4. Anonymous4:07 PM

    The quote at the end about never giving up on a dream and the time passing anyway touched my heart (in a very good way!)
    Cris in MT

    1. I'm glad you liked one of my quotes Cris. Thank you for the comment!

  5. I too go to a small group. It used to be 3 - but Marilyn left us to go back to Canada ( she is half Kiwi and half Canadian ) and so there was 2. We met about once a fortnight - but we talk so much!!!!! we hardly get one quilt a year made. We are saving hard to go see Marilyn next year some time!

  6. You certainly do work magic with fabrics when you create your Barn landscapes! Fall Bliss. Thank you for more wonderful links of inspiration. <3

  7. Thank you for giving us a picture of your CQTeers group, Mary Anne! It sounds really wonderful. And I love that it's small in number.

    1. None of us can remember exactly how long we've been getting together but it's been a long time.


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