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Friday, September 28, 2018

Mumblings Catch Up

I'm sorry I was missing on Wednesday - I was busy all day and simply didn't have time to create a post for you.  Unfortunately the rest of the week has been spend outside of my creative zone so I STILL don't have anything much to share. about a Mumblings Catch Up instead?  

- If you go HERE you can see all the winners from the AQS show in Paducah.  Some amazing quilts!!

- THIS is really pretty - you'll have to use the translate feature to get the pattern.

- If you have problems with your sewing machine pedal moving about on the floor, perhaps making one of THESE might help.

- You have to go and check THESE out!!  Vicki is a vendor at a big craft show and she has created these amazing flowers to showcase her hand dyed fabrics.  She is kind enough to share how to make them with us.  I think they'd would look amazing on a sewing room wall!!

- And further on creating flowers, how about THIS?

- Have a look at the incredible creations done by THIS artist!!  And those created by THIS artist as well.

- If you would like to make something to add to your fall decor (or to give as gifts), have a look at the project found HERE  (scroll down and you'll find the pattern and instructions).

- Mary Corbet has released a beautiful free embroidery design and you can find that HERE.  

- For those of you who are into scrapbooking and card making there's a free online magazine available HERE.  

- Pam Kellogg has been re-releasing a lot of her beautiful cross stitch patterns and you can find more info about that if you visit her HERE.  Be sure to scroll down to see them all (and she's adding more all the time so check back regularly).  

- If you are interested in textile art, you might want to check out the amazing variety of information that can be found HERE.  

AND - just so I can have some sort of picture to show, how about a slightly risque cartoon?  Sorry if this offends anyone!! 


  1. Feeling very old this year I got a good chuckle from your cartoon! Thank you dear...and for all the amazing links you share. Fabulous Friday and weekend...xo

  2. Thank you for the Wow! link to the textile are. Fantastic website

  3. Some great links Mary Anne! Particularly liked the textile art link and the Paducah Quilt Show.... wow those quilts!! Christine x

  4. What a lovely bunch of mumblings!

  5. Enjoyed the mumblings. I so need something to keep my foot pedal still. That's a great idea. I've seen where a mouse pad would work. I know I have some here, but of course can't come across just one when I'm looking for it. You can't buy them anymore either. Always love a good fiber art site. If you EVER get the chance to go to Paducah, Please let me know!

  6. Meanwhile, I'm catching up on your mumblings. :)

  7. I'm playing catch up too! What a great bunch of quilts from the show! Lots of great links. I've saved a few to review again. Love the cartoon!! HA!


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