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Friday, September 07, 2018

Progress....and risk

There has been some more progress on the barn building front, as you can see from this picture...

At the risk of breaking your computer, I thought I'd share a picture of moi taken by my long-suffering husband for inclusion in an article I'm writing for an online quilting magazine.  Don't say you weren't warned!!

- THIS is so pretty - I'm sure there has to be a use for it in our stitching somewhere!

- HERE is a pretty tote bag pattern  which would be great for stash busting, or how about making one for a child that's an 'I-Spy' version?

- How about making THIS one to carry at Christmas time (or to use for a gift bag)?

- If you have a little girl in your life, perhaps one of THESE ideas will spark a wonderful Christmas gift for her!  Or maybe THIS one?

- There's a great tutorial HERE for printing onto fabric using your computer and freezer paper.

- Have a scroll down through all the amazing flowers made from felt found HERE.  Some really pretty ones!

- Have a peek at the wonderful little creatures on THIS site.

Today's quote..."No is a complete sentence.  It does not require justification or explanation"


  1. I love this barn. Sewing art is just bbeautiful as are you. hugs, lj

  2. Your photo looks very knowledgeable, I'd take a class from you any day!
    The gathered swirls are amazing, I've never seen them before.

  3. It's nice to finally see you! Nice photo. The barn is coming along nicely. I'm really out of practice finding links to stuff. I'm going to add your link to my latest post so my readers can see what you are doing. Have a great weekend.

  4. The photograph is lovely! And we hope there will be a link when the article appears?

  5. Did I ever see your picture before? I have always thought of you looking just like this except for with dark hair. You look GREAT! I like to see a blogger's picture and I like to have a current pic of me in my icon because it's so much better to have an accurate vision of who you have friended.
    Have a great weekend.
    xx, Carol

  6. Finally....a beautiful photo of your beautiful self♥ As always, your barn is looking fabulous.

  7. I know I’ve seen a picture of you before, like Carol said, because I knew that’s how you looked! And it’s a lovely picture. The pic of your DH from your anniversary post is very handsome, too. Great looking couple, my friend!! I loved those dollhouses in the link you gave, but finally got the last of those painted and gifted to DGD London last year. Finally, the autumn barn is wonderful. Glorious, even. So much great eye candy here lately (and that’s good, because I’m too tired to do anything but read and look at pictures). xoxo

  8. Those felt flowers are amazing! You look great in your photo. It will be perfect for the magazine. The barn is looking good.

  9. I am so happy to see your picture. It is always so nice to be able to put a face to a name. You are lovely and I can see your generous heart and soul. <3

  10. It's a great photo of you! The barn looks great so far.

  11. It's good to see what you look like, Mary Anne! What a pretty lady you are. And your barn quilt is looking mighty pretty, too. :)

  12. Thank you Becki! I'm usually the one behind the camera so there are very few pictures of me to be had.

  13. Beautiful picture of you. Probably the closest we'll meet face to face. He took a great picture.

  14. A beautiful photo of a beautiful person. My computer had no trouble accepting this :-)
    I like the additions to the new barn.


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