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Wednesday, September 19, 2018


The latest barn is done!  


Now I'm itching to start another one but I have a couple of other things that I need to do for the 'Crazy Quilt Quarterly' magazine so I will have to change gears a bit.  Never fear, there are more barns just waiting their turn!

- I'm showing you THIS for inspiration and you can find the pattern for the flowers HERE.

- For those of you who like Halloween, how about THIS?

- How about the work of THIS amazing artist!  And THIS one too!

- There are links HERE to some pretty autumn-themed projects.

- If you happen to have some doilies stashed away in a drawer somewhere, maybe one of the ideas found HERE might help you use them.

- There are some really cute ideas HERE for making Christmas decorations from dollar store items.  A few are not so special, but there are others that are really nice (esp. the snowman made from fish bowls - I love that one!).

- THIS is an adorable little sweater for a toddler.

- Sorry about the abundance of Christmas ideas, but when I come across them I have to share because I know they will just get lost.  So....have a look at the tutorial HERE for an adorable snow globe project for your Christmas decor (and it would make amazing gifts too!!!).

- THIS is an interesting bag pattern - but I think I'd like to use it as a sewing supplies caddy rather than as a purse.

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  1. Congratulations, Mary Ann, you're getting really good at this!
    I like the way you did the tree.
    And thanks for the tips, the Blooming Flower crochet pillow is

  2. Oh well done, Mary Anne! Your autumnal barn does look fabulous. Now, about having a doily or two stored somewhere.....I think I might. =)

  3. That fence! That sky! Those hills! All so beautiful.

  4. Not only are you producing fabulous barns, you are getting quicker to complete them. Love the autumn tones. Both large tree and small ones are great.

  5. You outdid yourself! Gorgeous!

  6. That looks great. Really love this Autumn one.

  7. My favorite barn you’ve done so far! I know I say that every time, but this one is really, really gorgeous!!

  8. Congratulations on a job finished and well done. Great fall and winter ideas!

  9. Gorgeous Barn set in Autumn foliage and colors. I absolutely love your Barn quilts! So many excellent links...thank you dear. <3

  10. Your latest finish is just beautiful, Mary Ann. I had to check out that link for using doilies since I've been into making them lately. There are some truly unique ideas there!

    1. I was thinking of you Becki when I found the link to the doilies - hope you found something you liked!

  11. Oh WOW, another winner!

  12. Your latest piece is gorgeous! Congratulations. Lots of neat links too.


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