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Friday, April 27, 2018

Nearly finished....maybe

Yesterday I had some time to put a few more finishing touches on the house project, as you can see from this picture...

I've added the tree top on the left and changed the shrub on the right from what it was.  

For those of you interested in how I might have made the tree originated with making some confetti fabric....

I choose about six different tones of green fabric, layered them, and then pretty much shredded them with my rotary cutter.  Once that was done I placed them between two pieces of melt-away stabilizer and then heavily stitched through all the layers.  I rinsed away the stabilizer (if you do this, be sure not to throw the rinse water down the drain because there's a lot of teeny fabric bits that escape, along with the glue....probably not good for your drain).  After it dried, I (for lack of a better description) stuck my fingers in some of the holes to embiggen them to give it a more 'airy' look.  Hmmm.  Not such a good result because a lot of the fabric bits ended up being 'wrong side up' and it was too white.  So....I watered down some different green shades of folk art paint and 'blobbed' some on here and there to camouflage where the fabric was wrong side it gave an added dimension to the colouring overall.  Once that dried, I simply cut the tree shapes from it and stitched them onto my quilt.  Then I applied a layer of fine tulle over top to be sure to corral any stray little bits of fabric.  

- HERE is a rather cute little pincushion that would use up fabric scraps.

- There's an interesting article HERE about the uses for different sewing machine needle sizes.

- Have a look at the amazing art quilts of THIS artist!

- And for those of you who like animals AND quilts, have a look at the art HERE

Another anonymous quote for you today...."One smile can start a friendship.  One word can end a fight.  One look can save a relationship.  One individual can change your life."


  1. Anonymous9:28 AM

    Wow Maryanne it's looking fantastic and your trees look so real,well done my friend xx

  2. What a clever way to create foliage. The machine stitching looks like leaf veins. IThe tree to the right looks great too.

  3. Did you ever mention what size this piece is? It's looking great, and I like how inventively uou figure out solutions.

  4. The tree looks fabulous, Mary Anne. I am loving this pretty house!

  5. What an interesting process! Thanks for sharing - it looks great!

  6. WOW is right you are really good at this!

  7. You're thinking on your feet! Looking good, Mary Ann.
    And that is a cute chicken pincushion, yes.

  8. Beautiful!! I'd love to see an MRI of your brain in action lol! Those chicken pin cushions are so cute -- I actually have them pinned already and hope to get to them SOMETIME!

  9. The house & trees are looking great! I work with organza when doing my trees. Both methods work well. Thanks for links

  10. THanks for sharing your method for making those trees. I do love checking out the links you share also.

  11. It appears I'm catching up backwards here after a week or so of absence. This was fascinating to read about. Thank you for sharing.


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