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Wednesday, April 04, 2018

A finished project!

Over the weekend I finished the crazy quilt barn landscape quilt.  Overall I'm pleased with it, but had I a chance to do it over I would choose to use a darker thread to do the machine embroidered seams.  Initially I didn't want the seams to be the focal point and take away from the barns....however, now I look at it I think it would have been okay to use a darker thread.  Next time I'll know!


I think you should be able to click to
embiggen these so you can see the
details a bit better

And, just to remind you of what the original photo looked like...

Today's quote comes from two favourite characters..."How do you spell 'Love'?" (Piglet).  "You don't spell it, you feel it" (Pooh).


  1. WOW... your Barn Quilt landscape turned out beautiful!

    That mug rug and tea cup swap sounds like fun!

  2. I love your CQ Barn quilt. It looks beautiful and I think it looks way better than the original photo you worked from. Congratulations! Fun and practical links. I LOVE POOH and this quote is so sweet. Spring is near...I hope. <3

  3. It's wonderful! I like that the seams are not done in too dark a thread. I love the colours. Really, really likey!!

  4. Mary Anne you are brilliant at creating the barns. They are so realistic. How right Pooh's comment is.

  5. Your barnscape come out great! I couldn’t understand why you called it a CQ but now I see!

  6. Well done, I see from your cover photo, this crazy quilt barn is not your first. Maybe this will become a thing! Great job, you've inspired me.

  7. Great interpretation and finish Mary Ann.
    The tips are clever. I like the bed side pockets, they'd be perfect for my
    grand daughters for their books and dolls.
    The quote is lovely isn't it?
    'You don't spell it, you feel it.'

  8. Your barn is stunning. I especially like the embroidered details - they really give it depth! Plus!!! You find the best links! I love the little pincushions. I was thinking it would be great to make some for my classes. People are always losing needles.

  9. Great job on the barns! Awesome! Those yarn dyeing tutorials are interesting. Thanks

  10. Another awesome barn wall hanging! I think this one is my favorite so far. Great job, now what’s next?! Lol - it’s so fun to watch these come together!

  11. This is just beautiful. You've really transformed that fabric into such a beautiful portrait. I love all the little stitching details - like little surprises throughout adding excitement and texture.

  12. I'm behind on reading my blog list. I KNEW if anyone could make a beautiful crazy patch barn quilt YOU could. It's great. I love everything about it. I think I heard you crowing clean down here in Northern Indiana!
    xx, Carol

  13. darker thread or not, this is completely stunning. I hope you gave yourself a huge pat on the back.

  14. darker thread or not, this is completely stunning. I hope you gave yourself a huge pat on the back.


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