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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

More progress

It's a dull rainy day here (not snow...hooray!) and so this photo isn't the best, but I think you can see some of the work I've added...

After stitching all those lazy daisies onto the planter vines on the fence my fingers weren't overly happy!  In some places there was six layers of fabric to stitch through.  

Another anonymous quote for you today..."Behind you, all your memories.  Before you, all your dreams.  Around you, all who love you.  Within you, all you need"


  1. Oh my! I love all the details at work now. I went back to see what steps I had missed up to this point and I'm just amazed at how you've corrected a mistake, and now it simply doesn't even appear. You truly do paint with fabric and thread. I love the vines climbing over the fence and all your embroidery (though it was hard work) has made them just beautiful.

  2. Oh the things you miss when one is holidaying. =) The last time I visited your place there was a barn in progress. I scrolled down to see it's finished state and I must say I love it! are stitching a house.....well I never!! I am loving this, Mary Anne. I can see you adding to your real estate portfolio beautifully.

  3. Very nice work. I always know you'll come out on top!
    Thanks for sharing your process, inspiring.
    And the tips, there's some fun ideas. Filling a glass lamp base with
    old colorful thread spools would be just the thing for a sewing/craft room.

  4. Hey there - just noticed your link is missing for the sewing machine feet storage tip ;)

  5. 6 layers! ouch - poor fingers. It's looking great.

  6. Wow - that's stunning . . . as usual!! Thanks for more great links . . . those bird pin cushions are ADORABLE! A great way to use up my scraps of fabric! I also love the flower coasters . . . bookmarked that one as well!

  7. The house progress is fabulous. I'm sure your customer will love it. Thanks for todays links. Of course I love that fat little bird. And I think I'll make a machine foot storage box. What a great idea.
    xx, Carol

  8. Your house is coming along quite well. I'm sure it will be received with delight.


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