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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Sometimes I love my mailman!!

Anyone who crafts knows how much fun stash enhancement is...right?  Especially when it comes from someone who 'gets' what you do.  Well, imagine my astonishment and delight when all these wonderful things arrived via the post office!  I have attempted to photograph just SOME of what was stuffed  judiciously placed into a rather large box.  Photos simply don't (and can't) do justice to what I discovered inside the box!! (and this is only a taste of what I found in the box)

You definitely 'get' me!!

For those of you who are following 'The Saga of the Bernette', perhaps you will be interested to know that it was 'fixed' - in theory, anyway.  I haven't been home long enough to be able to test it as much as I'd like but at least it's better than it was.  The problem - according to the repairman - was that I (!!) had broken a needle in it and that, in turn, had punctured a hole in the bobbin case.  Ummmm.....I have been sewing for probably fifty years and I can't remember ever having broken a needle, and I certainly didn't in this one.  Told him as much, but it appears he didn't believe me.  At any rate, the bobbin case has been replaced - no charge - and we will see if it's any better.  Stay tuned!!

Today your quote is from Lee Strobel....."He came into this world to make dead people live"


  1. love your quote for the day

  2. I would love that mailman too, lol... Love the bunnies and the little Easter baskets. Hugs, lj

  3. What a wonderful friend to send you all those goodies! Good luck with the machine. I've never heard that one about the needle & bobbin. Great links.

  4. Anonymous7:09 PM

    Hi Maryanne oh how lovely to get all those goodies in the mail,have fun with them and fingers crossed your machine is fixed now.
    Happy Easter my friend xx

  5. Never have I heard of a broken needle puncturing a bobbin case! I do sincerely hope your machine is fixed and will now allow you to sew properly to create your amazing Works of HeArt!!! Carol really does “get you and your passion for CQ. Lovely Day Dear...<3

  6. I am so glad your sewing machine is fixed! Hmmm.... Seems to me you would remember if a needle broke. Enjoy your goodies!

  7. Awesome goodies! Love the quote!

  8. I also LOVE my post man....I may even elope with him if he keeps on bringing me gorgeouseness


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