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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Barn raising - of a sort

There has been a small amount of progress on the latest barn project.  I am limited in what I can do without a sewing machine, but there is a bit of hand work that I can work at, at least for now....

Another unknown source for today's quote..."Sometimes you just have to close your eyes, count to ten, take a deep breath, remind yourself that you wouldn't look good in prison stripes and just smile at the dumbass and walk away"


  1. Well you've got something done and that's good! That's what I say to myself
    often. Best wishes on getting your sewing machine situation straight.
    Rosemary B.'s animal portraits are amazing. She does capture the

  2. Your barn is looking good, Mary Anne. Oh my, looks like I might need to acquire a few more teacups. Yes, the candelabra is rather cool and as for the work of Rosemary Burris....I am totally gobsmacked. Her work is amazing!

  3. Sorry about the machine. Hand work is good for awhile until you need the darn machine. Hope you get satisfaction soon. Barn is coming along nicely. The link on the cups is very interesting.Thanks for all of them. Not sure I like the busy fabric for the wallet. I think it would drive me crazy.

  4. Anonymous6:40 PM

    its looking great Maryanne xx

  5. Yhat reminds me I need a couple of teacups. For tea, that is. Your barn pic is coming along nicely with or without a machine.

  6. Don't you hate being forced to Slow Mode through no fault of your own! I look at Rosemary Burris' work and just wonder at the talent she has. Where did she get the knowledge to do what she does. I was born with a logical brain. It's very difficult for be to think in the abstract. Someday when I have a quiet life again, I will create a dog portrait.
    xx, Carol

  7. Well it looks amazing! You never cease to amaze me with your talent! And the link for the cups and saucers . . . OH MY GOSH!!! I want to make every single one of those things!! I love them all . . . .going pin crazy!


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