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Monday, March 12, 2018


Alas, no pictures for you today.  
I'm sorry.
At least no pictures of what I've accomplished on my barn project.

I spent all day Saturday trying to wrestle my machine into submission using invisible thread and I'm pretty sure there was a massive black cloud just outside our apartment building.  'nuff said (because I know you're getting sick of hearing me bitch about my machine!). I decided I would do massive amounts of samples using all different stitch lengths, tensions and thread combinations.  


Yeah - okay - move right along.  There's nothing to see here.  At least nothing that's worth looking at.

Suffice to say - invisible thread is NOT going to happen on this machine, at least not anytime soon (see below).  The machine will happily free motion (well, as happy as this machine gets!) with regular thread on both top and bottom but invisible thread on the top is not happening.  
***************** I'm throwing myself at YOUR mercy.  What brand of invisible thread do you use?  And where can I get it in Canada?  

- HERE is a really pretty crocheted afghan pattern.

- I know this is a commercial site but they elicited an 'awwww' from me, so I thought you might enjoy seeing them too....go HERE

- There's a cute St. Patrick's Day themed pincushion tutorial HERE

Another anonymous quote..."Classy is when you have a lot to say but you choose to remain silent in front of fools"


  1. Some sewing days are like that - I hope that black cloud goes away soon.

  2. I understand the frustration of not having the right tool for the job, even though you bought "the right tool for the job"...much sympathy!

  3. Anonymous8:51 PM

    Hi Mary Anne its not much fun when your machine plays up,hope you have a lovely day my friend xx

  4. Has that black cloud dissipated yet?? I hate using invisible thread in my machine. I vowed never, never to us this ghastly 'stuff' ever, ever again. Sorry, Mary Anne but I cannot recommend one that will dance with a sewing machine. I have too many sob stories to tell.

  5. Hmmmmm. no help here I'm afraid - my machine doesn't like it either. I made a right mess when I tried it for applique, and haven't tried again. I am probably still sulking if truth be told!

  6. That’s why I don’t use a sewing machine unless I have to! Perhaps you could contact the manufacturer or l a local sewing center for advice you aren’t getting much here! Good luck!

  7. I've never used invisible thread. But if you get a recommendation and can't get it there, let me know and I'll look here and put it in your box. I expect to send it next week.
    xx, Carol

  8. I admire your tenacity at trying to figure this out. I've never used invisible thread. Not sure I knew it existed. While you may think there's "nothing to see here", I learned some things. :)

  9. Lovely weather out here :) I am not a fan of invisible thread. Both of my machines just don't like it. Plus God help you if you forget and press a project that you used it in. Your iron with destroy it. and your project.

  10. Lovely weather out here :) I am not a fan of invisible thread. Both of my machines just don't like it. Plus God help you if you forget and press a project that you used it in. Your iron with destroy it. and your project.

  11. Invisible thread? Sulky or Superior. I usually use invisible in bobbin and on top. Use a large eye needle because when machine is running, that thread is flying through the needle creating lots of friction. Then it breaks! I got mine in NL but check out any quilt shop. The cheap stuff doesn't work worth a . . .!
    Hope this helps.

  12. I am sad to say I never tempt my sewing machine with delicate options annd therefore have never put invisible thread to task. So sorry your machine is causing you difficulties once again which is beyond frustrating. I am trying to learn being “classy”. Enough said!! Happy Hump Day Dear...<3

  13. Mine won't sew with it either. I gave it up, not worth the mental anguish. Good luck with that if the future when you try again, I have no doubt that you will.


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