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Monday, January 08, 2018

One foot forward and one foot back!

No, I'm not talking about any sort of exercise program, unless you want to think about my fingers.  Hey, come to think of it - that's the kind of exercise I LIKE!!  Anyhoo....

With the aid of tweezers in one hand and masking tape in the other I was able to remove all the tissue paper 'bits' in the sky.  Of course the minute I finished that, I did some internet surfing and came across the tip of cutting your pattern from freezer paper, ironing it on and then stitching around it.  Easy removal.  Why didn't I think of that??!!  

Then I attempted to do some free motion quilting on the lower bits of the sky.  After much #*%$@$* at my lovely, wonderful, beautiful ^%#$@&$^ sewing machine, I reverse stitched all that too.  Finally had some success with straight line quilting the grass area but by that time the level of frustration was exceeding my patience so I gave up.  All the attempts to both FME and FMQ the smaller sky sections now means that the fabric looks like swiss cheese and will now have to be replaced.  Sigh.

- With the bitter cold here at the moment, it makes my thoughts turn to warm and cozy things, so how about THIS pretty crocheted afghan?  Or maybe THIS one (that conveniently uses up scrap yarns!).  Maybe THIS one (also a scrap user-upper).

- Or maybe a hat might be just what's needed in your life?  Maybe THIS one, or THIS one, or maybe THIS?  Or perhaps THIS?

- Mittens are never a bad thing either, so maybe THESE or THESE  or THESE?

- And what about some warm cozy socks?  Like THESE?  Or maybe THESE?

- And everyone needs a nice cozy scarf like THIS one or THIS one, THIS one or THIS one.  Or maybe your preference runs to cowls like THIS, THIS  or THIS one might make the man in your life happy.  THIS one is rather nice too.

- Maybe a warm shawl might be something you'd appreciate...perhaps one of THESE or THESE.

- And for a change of pace, I stumbled across the amazing weaving work HERE.  Be sure to scroll down!

- HERE is a free pattern to make a wallet - good for stash busting!!

Today the quote, quite fitting to my attempts over the weekend, is from Bo Bennett..."Frustration, although quite painful at times, is a very positive and essential part of success"
Hmmm....I do know one thing....I AM 
positively frustrated!  


  1. Frustration has to come from demons, it does evil things. Now a cup of tea, a nice cuddly chair in front of the fire and a good book for about an hour seem to run them off. Now that being said, you have no idea how misspelled words, improper spacing and where did that come
    from mistakes I just went through to get this comment to you. You may want to drink 2 cups of tea, stoke up the fire and read another hour. those critters are serious and I'm leaving before they come through to my side.

  2. Anonymous5:27 PM

    Hi Mary Anne your barn is a amazing i am loving watching this come to life,keep warm my friend xx

  3. My goodness Mary Anne this is stunning!! Wow such gorgeous work! At first quick glance I thought it was a photo, second a painting, and then I thought hang on there can't be stitches in a photo or painting, haha! Looking forward to seeing the finished piece! Big hugs and happy 2018 wishes, xx

  4. Well, I guess this has become another learning experience! But it looks GOOD! Great links again today, but that weaving link took me to an amazing place!! Oh to have that kind of talent and imagination!
    xx, Carol

  5. I want to live in that barn :) That's the way they should look!

  6. I'm sure you will get things worked out MA. I know what it's like to work through frustrating issues with projects and sewing
    machines. What you've done so far with the barn looks good.
    Thanks for the tips.

  7. It's hard to be on form in extremes of weather, MA. You'll no doubt overcome your mistake with something really good. The whole piece is fabulous. A break with books sounds just right.

  8. To my eyes your barn scene looks wonderful. I think learning from our experiences/mistakes is always frustrating and then we realize our successes and triumphs and all is well with the world once again...or at least our little corner of the world. So many great links to keep our hands busy and to keep us and our loved ones warm. Hot Cocoa Wishes for Your Warmth...<3

  9. I know what frustration is like when sewing! It is an old friend of mine! Hmmmmm.....Always turning up - I do like the quote! cause it sounds like frustration with eventually bring sucess - Yipee!


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