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Friday, January 19, 2018

Another glimpse

A few of the seam treatments are finished for the current crazy quilt project.   I'm working them entirely in black, for reasons which will be explained later.  All are my own designs, done using the waste canvas technique.  

For those of you who are new to my blog,
if you look for 'seam treatments' in 
my sidebar it will take you to a 
number of designs that are free
for you to play with.

- Although we are in the middle of winter here, perhaps you might like to consider collecting the fodder to make some of THESE for your summer garden.  And if you want to see some more great ideas for garden art, have a look HERE.  Be sure to scroll down!

- If you like to burn candles (the ones that come in the jars) have a look at the tips HERE for re-purposing those jars.

- If you've ever had occasion  to sew with that lovely-feeling and oh-so-soft minky fabric you'll know what a pain it is to work with.  There are some helpful tips HERE that might go a long way towards cutting down on the angst!

- For the quilters, perhaps you'd like to have a peek at all the fun star patterns available HERE.  

Today the quote is from an anonymous source..."Why do we close our eyes when we pray, cry, kiss or dream?  Because the most beautiful things in life are not seen but felt by the heart"


  1. Hello Dear. Wonderful links you are sharing. Love all the glass yard art. Minky is very soft and cuddly. Lovely quote to remember. are working in black seam treatments and it is a secret? They look wonderful!!! JOYful January...<3

  2. Oh my, that's spectacular!

  3. DO you ever sleep??? Wow - this is stunning! Can't imagine the finished product. I loved that tip about the candle jars. I've tossed so many because even though I'd get the wax out by freezing, the residue was still there. MICROWAVE that and wipe out with a napkin?? Genius!

  4. Beautiful embroidery in your seam treatments Mary Ann.
    Good tips for working with Minky, thanks.

  5. A beautiful quote! Loving your seam stitches in black. Tell me, are these stitched with that 'cranky' sewing machine of yours?

  6. Those colors look great in my monitor. One of the seams reminds me of ballerinas dancing across the fabric. Love the black only stitching.
    xx, Carol

  7. It's looking ever so nice, my friend. You have me on the edge of seat wondering what your creation will turn out to be.


  8. I love that quote. And I love that stitching. The black is dramatic and beautiful.

  9. Wow! Love the way it looks!

  10. Beautiful and classy seams MA. The quote is so true.

  11. Ooooh I am really loving the look of this new project (I don't think it will be a regurgitated dog's breakfast!!) The black stitching is sublime! Christine x

  12. I have to agree with Carol here - same thoughts. The third design looks like dancing ballerinas.Love all of them, especially the second.

  13. Great 'seam treatments'! Haven't sewn with Minky fabric but the soft fleece used to make Gale's (as we say in NL, housecoat) dressing gown, two years ago, was a real nuisance to sew. Fluff from one end of the house to the other. Learned a few things of what not to do after that episode. However, it is a well loved / used garment. Not looking forward to when she needs another. All the commercial ones for little girls are very short. Gale likes them to the ankle. My rant for the day! sorry

  14. Great to see all your seam treatments at a glance like that! Very kind of you!
    Soooo inspiring, Mary Anne!
    Your black stitches stand out very nicely against those lovely colours.
    Barbara xx

  15. You are going from strength to strength with your seams. Each is lovely.

  16. your own designs? I'mm thinking there's a book in there though?


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