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Friday, January 05, 2018

Just too darned cold!

Staying warm these days isn't the easiest thing to do!  Woke up to -27 degrees Celsius this morning and that was enough for me.  Did NOT want to add on the wind chill factor to get the true temperature!  DH felt that the car should have a wee run this morning to keep the battery charged - it started but you could tell it was under duress.  Drove like a tank for a little while!  It's in weather like this that we miss having a garage.  

Nothing of note has happened in the sewing room here at Chez Magpie - nor has anything been happening with either my knitting needles or crochet hooks.   I'm doing my usual thing at this time of year and snuggling in my easy chair with a good book (or seven).  A week or two of sloth, particularly with it this cold outside, is about all I feel like doing. 

So....I went back through my pictures and realized that I had neglected to share this wee project with you before Christmas... 

It's a card I created to send to my Australian cousin who recently got herself a little Scottie puppy.  Thought she'd get a kick out of the image I chose!

Today, rather than a quote, I have this...

Stay warm and safe those of you that live in the cold climates and for those of you currently enjoying the warmth.....pfffffft.  


  1. Anonymous4:23 PM

    Hi Mary Anne its hard to imagine its so cold for you all ,we are in our summer in Australia. I love the card that you made for your cousin so cute,keep warm my friend xx

  2. I'm sure your friend will like the little Scottie card. The temperature here in NS wasn't too bad today. Yesterday it was 9C with lots of wind and rain. Thanks for the links.

  3. -27 degrees!!!! Oh my goodness, I would be comatose if I had to live in those temperatures. Just to make you smile (or not) it is a lovely warm, Summer day here today. =) Your cousin's card is sweet. Happy reading, Mary Anne.....make sure you keep warm and cosy. Enjoy those books.

  4. Enjoyed your post MA
    Happy New Year!
    Seems my activities parallel yours!
    Getting ready to go to a retrear in two weeks, my project to work on is a miniature Dresden plate quilt.
    If I can I will post a picture
    Since I only work from my iPad posting pictures is a mystery!
    Sometimes it works! Lol
    Loved your card with the Scotties. I use to have one Love them
    Well. Enjoy your books, I get the audio books! How lazy can I get! No turning pages! Lol
    Take care and try to keep Warm! It’s -33C here this morning, lucky I have a garage!

  5. 000H, Thanks for sharing the ribbon class, I have been want to do that. Not as bad here as there but still cold at 3 degrees. Cute card, had trouble seeing detail too well with all
    the whites. I'm really into sewing Scotties right now. So cute. Stay indoors as much as possible and safe when not.

  6. I definitely deserve he pffftt because we are mild and comfortable. Your ridiculous cold temperatures are very unsafe and I pray you will stay safe and inside snuggled in warmth. Beautiful CQ card for your cousin. Warm Hot Cocoa Hugs...<3

  7. Enjoying...although it has been pouring down here for a few days and we have had floods!

  8. I'm sorry to hear you're so cold!
    I think I'd be snuggled under a pile of quilts, drinking hot tea, reading all day too.
    We're having winter but not that cold.
    Mary Corbet's tutorials are good aren't they?
    And your Scottie Dog piece is lovely with lace, red buttons and red stitch detail.

  9. Since I need to give my hand a rest, setting my crochet hook aside and catching up on reading sounds like a great thing to do. And I'm glad we're warming up here, also. We weren't quite as cold as you, but we were setting records (for here) - and that's cold enough! Thank you for the links. I got lost a bit clicking through various links of temperature blankets. I almost talked myself into making one! :)

  10. Hi Becki - Sorry I can't comment back to you directly - you must have your settings set to 'no reply'. Hope you see this! I almost talked myself into a temperature blanket too and then came back to earth with a thump when I figured out how much yarn I'd need - and how much it would cost!

  11. Brrr! Sending warm wishes your way!

    Your postcard is beautiful.

    Perhaps next year we should both try making a temperature blanket. I don't really crochet or knit, but I might try making one with hexies (inspired by those seen at Hokkaido Kudasai - Pamela's are lovely.) I have been intrigued by them, too!

  12. PFFFFT INDEED to them all hahaha! Yesterday it got up to double digits (F) here and I felt like putting on my flip flops! It felt downright balmy. That's sad. I went to our library and checked out 6 books. There really is nothing that can convince me to go outside right now either. The Scottie card is so cute! You have such detail on these it takes awhile to see all of the 'pretties' on them - keep WARM!

  13. Lovely postcard and what a great idea for your cousin! I have read four books since I retired. I used to be an avid reader but I've found in the last five years or so that I barely read at all. So four books is a record for me. I had piles of books by my bed waiting to be read. When hubby redid the windows in our bedroom them got moved out and piled at the top of the stairs. And they are staying there. I figure I will read them faster if they are there as a regular reminder for me!

  14. The gorgeous postcard is AWWWW level.


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