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Friday, November 10, 2017

Something else for the box

Last night I completed three more things for the Christmas box which I'll show you over the next couple of days.  This time I'll show you what our grandson will be receiving...

and here's a closeup of the pattern

The pattern is the 'Seamless Baby Hoodie'
by Jeannette Murphy and can be 
found HERE

Yarn is Heartland by Lion Brand.

I chose to add a button band with buttons rather than using the zipper as called for, mainly because our grandson is very (!!) tall and I needed to add extra length.   

- HERE's a really cute little project that would be wonderful little gifts.  And HERE is another one.

- And HERE's another fun thing to make for gifts or for yourself.

- THIS is a nice bag pattern that could be useful for so many occasions.

- And THIS falls under the awwwww category.  And if you go to THIS link at her site there are lots of free patterns.

Today your quote is about that awful white stuff (only because we woke up to it this morning) and comes from Carl Reiner..."A lot of people like snow.  I find it to be an unnecessary freezing of water"    (My sentiments exactly!!!)


  1. That Christmas box filled with goodies must be overflowing by now. You are a machine!!! Gorgeous cardigan. Love the wool colour and those buttons are very sweet.

  2. Gorgeous sweater! Love the links too. I'm not much into crochet these days but the mini bags were cute. thanks

  3. Dinosaur buttons! He'll like these much more than a zipper.

  4. The Hoodie will be perfect for wintertime and the buttons will bring pleasure, I'm sure, to your GK.

  5. Love the dinosaur buttons on this wonderfully hand knitted sweater. Fun links for gifts. I adore the little lamb bib. My sentiments exactly the same as this quote! Finished Gifts Queen is your new title...<3

  6. Great sweater finish, perfect for the cold months ahead.
    Thanks for the tips, good ideas for gifts.

  7. Love it! Very cool buttons!

  8. Awwww those buttons are so cute!! A beautiful, cozy warm gift for your grandson. The sweet little dinosaurs are the perfect finishing touch.

  9. OH MY!!! SO many great sites! I LOVE that little key chain bag and the notions bag! I am a "Medium" level crochet-er and I always dabble in a few projects now and then so I bookmarked the site with the free patterns. And YES, I did literally go "AWWWWW" when I saw the bib. Your sweater is ADORABLE -- love the buttons!! Thanks for visiting my blog and for all of these great links!

  10. this is gorgeous Mary Anne

  11. I love the little sweater, sooooo dang cute!!! Thank you for all the links. I love the phoebie bag... Hugs, lj

  12. Such a darling sweater for your grandson! The buttons are the perfect touch for him, he will enjoy the delight of very special dinosaur buttons to look at! It seems to be that time of year for the white fluffy stuff, lol, hope it doesn't stay too long yet :)

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  14. yippee. what a box of goodies.

  15. Wow, beautiful job on the sweater...and those buttons, yeah!!


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