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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Another thing for 'the box'

It's really hard to get a decent photo of this, but it's another gift that's going in the Christmas box. ..

It's a crocheted shawl - in the very lovely (and sparkly!) yarn called 'Shawl In A Ball' from Lion Brand.  Pretty easy to make  - it's just rows of double crochet, chain one.  Took about 2 balls of the yarn because I wanted to make it a little wider than perhaps the norm.  

- There are lots of free quilt patterns available HERE!!

- For those that have a four-legged family member of the feline sort, perhaps they would like one of THESE for Christmas (you'll have to scroll down to find the pattern).   Or maybe your kitty might like THIS!

- THIS is a very pretty fabric Christmas tree.  And HERE is a crocheted version.

- You might like to keep your eye on THIS site where they are starting a '30(ish) Days of Christmas Knitting' series.  I like the first pattern so will definitely watch to see what else comes up.

- THIS is a cute little fellow to knit for Christmas - he'd look really cute on a tree.

- For those of us who enjoy knitting socks but have a phobia about the dreaded Kitchener Stitch - have a look at the tutorial HERE for an alternate method.  

- If you have young ones on your Christmas list, perhaps they'd love a new fleece bathrobe to wear on Christmas morning?  You can find a free pattern HERE.  

- For Lego lovers in the world, how about creating a REALLY fun advent calendar/activity for your child?  (or an adult, like me, that would like to play too!).  Go HERE to read all about it and see some fantastic ideas of what to include!  

Today your quote is from Winston Churchill..."We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give"


  1. I love that shawl... nice done.. great gift.

  2. Oh, how I would like to peek inside that BIG box filled with all your handmade Christmas goodies. It would be a sight to behold, to be sure, to be sure. This is such a pretty shawl.

  3. Oh, that shawl is gorgeous. I makes me think of the heather covered hills that I've seen in photos of Scotland and like countries.

  4. I agree with Kim, how I would love to peek inside your Christmas box {{smiles}}

    Your shawl is a work of art, my friend! Someone will be very blessed.

    Love and hugs to you!

  5. The shawl looks very pretty and sparkly is always good!

  6. Beautiful shawl but you should have modeled it! Great links - especially like the xmas trees. Thanks

  7. Your shawl is beautiful. I love that YARN! I'm going to have to look for it. It made a simple stitch exquisite.
    xx, Carol

  8. Shawls are perfect for cold weather, layering keeps in warmth.
    Great gift Mary Ann.
    Thanks for the tips.

  9. Love those colors!
    I also became a big fan of kitchener stitching, once I put on a pair of embiggening glasses so I could easily see the yarn. All I'm doing is knitting the the two pieces together - the yarn in my tapestry needle just follows the same path as another row of knitting. And actually, the tutorial you linked to is doing the same thing, but with 3 knitting needles instead of 2 knitting needles and one tapestry needle. Hey, whatever works! It's always good to try another way :)

  10. Gorgeous shawl, Mary Anne!
    Love the cat basket and toy, but they wouldn’t last long with our monsters! The little darlings play very rough, and rarely sleep in the same spot twice!
    Like the link to “knitting and so on” ..... have you seen she has another two Xmas tree patterns, one of which is a knitted hot pad (I think that was what it was) ..... and they both look lovely knits!
    Barbara xx


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