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Tuesday, October 24, 2017


I really do feel sorry for my readership you know.  I lead you on with all this hype about some sort of 'Grande Project' that is quite mysterious and you're expecting something grandiose.  You do know that you're bound to be disappointed when you find out just how ordinary it really is!!

My sewing room has had a pair of second-hand drapes gracing the window ever since we moved here eight years ago.  The sun has done a good number on them (even I was astounded at how much damage had been done!!).  So.....being that my first love is crazy quilting, of course I HAD to create something that is crazy quilted!  


A valance!!

Crazy quilted - entirely using the sewing machine.  No hand embroidery at all!  I wanted to see what the (albeit limited) 'fancy' stitches on my machine would look like in a crazy quilt and this was the result.
Verdict?  I would do this again, especially for smaller applications where the fact that the stitches don't embiggen to a larger width wouldn't be an issue.  It would also be ideal for things that see a lot of wear and tear.  

There now....aren't you disappointed 
after all that hype?

- There's a really nice cowl pattern HERE.

- If you crochet, perhaps you might like to make some of THESE to use either on the Christmas tree or as package ornaments.  And THESE are just plain cute (you'll have to use the 'translate' function for the pattern in English).

- THESE would make really nice table markers at Christmas time.

- THIS is a really different tree skirt!

- If you live in Canada perhaps you'd like to check out THIS board on Pinterest - it's a collection of online fabric shops in Canada.

- I haven't tried THIS yet, but it seems like it should work.  I have a number of large spools of thread and haven't been able to figure out how to get them to work with my machine.  Will definitely give this a try!  She also has a list of BOM's that are going on this year and some of you might find those interesting to browse through (find it HERE).  

Off topic, but most of you have figured out how my mind works by now and won't be the least bit surprised!  Anyhoo.....I've been binge reading a couple of book series and thought I'd share the details with you in case you're looking for something new to read.  The first series is the 'Mitford' series written by Jan Karon.  It follows the life in a small town centering around the local priest (Father Tim).  I have read them all and have thoroughly enjoyed every one.  Your local library likely has them, or can easily get them.  The other series is by Patrick Taylor and, once again, is centered around a small town in Ireland and follows the life of the local doctor.  The series is 'An Irish Country Doctor'.  I would highly recommend both authors if you like a nice light, but very entertaining, read.  You get caught up in the characters and really want to find out what happens next.  

Your quote today comes from one of Jan Karon's books ('A Continual Feast...Words of Comfort and Celebration, collected by Father Tim')....."In daily life we must see that it is not happiness that makes us grateful, but gratefulness that makes us happy'


  1. Actually, I am not disappointed in the least bit, Mary Anne. Your window valance is a beautiful creation. Such a clever and beautiful idea. The machine stitches enhance your pretty. Love the black bordering each piece and the triangular shape finished off with the tassel is perfect. Your pretty runs rings around any old store bought fabric, any day. I can just see the sun shining through your valance. It would be bejewelled with dancing colour. AND....another fabulous quote. You do find the best quotes!

  2. Your valance is most striking. Great use of those stitches. I’ve never ever used the pattern stitches on my poor old Singer machine, and probably never will ..... although I know what will happen now, having said that I probably will soon! But nothing planned at the moment!
    Barbara x

  3. You don't have to apologize! I think putting beauty in practical applications is an art form.
    Very beautiful work.

  4. I'm playing catch-up on my reading. Will make more comments on older posts later. I do like the machine stitches for some crazy quilting - works for me especially when time is in question. You did a good job. Really interesting posts. I will explore them more fully soon. Thanks.

  5. Oh Wow! Your valance is beautiful. I have to admit that I haven't used most of the decorative stitches on my machine and there are A LOT of them. Bet you had fun making this valance.
    xx, Carol

  6. Not disappointed at all! I think it's fabulous!

  7. Ha...ha...great fun! How lovely - no disappointment here!

  8. Lovely valance and how fun to use stitches your machine creates. Lots more fun links and ideas your have offered us. Time is all we need now...xo

  9. Lovely way to make a lovely valance!

  10. Sorry I’m late to the party... one friend seriously ill in the hospital and another one passed away last week. Too much sad news. But on a lighter note, the valance is gorgeous! Congrats on its finish. I have a seascape valance for my bathroom window that I need to finish the seams on. The going is tough because I fused all the curved pieces. I think I’ll resurrect it and try your method! I remember reading and enjoying the Father Tim series by Jan Karon when she was Writer-inResidence for a year at the old Victoria Magazine. But I’ll have to give the Irish series a try.

  11. this qualifies as grandiose for me, it's stunning...and very ''you'' x


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