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Friday, October 06, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving!

This weekend is our Canadian Thanksgiving (which is held at a different time to that of the United States).  There will be lots of turkey and trimmings consumed here!  We won't be seeing family so will be enjoying supper out with friends instead.  

With all that has been happening throughout the world, we have to give thanks for what we have...for our family, our friends, and for where we live.  So many others are going through such horrendous loss and hardship and we need to keep them in our prayers.  Be safe!

There has been some stitching accomplished - but pretty much equally as much reverse stitching too.  That's what I get for trying to change a pattern to suit my needs.  Hopefully there will be pictures on Monday.

Your quote, once again, is from an anonymous source..."Be kind.  Be thoughtful.  Be genuine.  But most of all Be Thankful"


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Mary Anne to you and your husband. Fun links once again. I was shocked by the $5000.00 also. Then I realized it must be in Chilean pesos. The USD is only $7.8962 so that is probably not correct either. Keep stitchiing my friend. Great quote. Grateful and Thankful is what I strive for everyday. Thanksgiving Blessings Dear...<3

  2. Anonymous2:36 AM

    oh this sounds like a lot of fun,enjoy your day with your friends xx

  3. Happy Thanksgiving. When it's Thanksgiving Day there, it reminds me that our holidays are almost here.

    That bag is beautiful. I wonder if they sell any at THAT price. You can ask what you want, but that doesn't mean anyone will BUY it, lol.

    xx, Carol

  4. Happy Thanksgiving, my friend! Since my dad is Canadian we still like to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving here in the states {{smiles}}

    Love and hugs to you!

  5. May you and your husband have a lovely Thanksgiving, Mary Anne. Yes, with the world having gone mad we need to reflect upon the blessings that each day give us and be thankful. Enjoy your Thanksgiving, lovely lady.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family MA, and to all other Canadians celebrating today.

    Wow! to the price of the CQ bag. It's $6,666,67 in Au.
    Love the rice shoulder heat bag..took measurements.:-)

  7. Happy Thanksgiving to you! Enjoy the day with friends We will celebrate tomorrow when the men folk are rested after the long trek across Newfoundland, across the ferry to NS and then the 6 hour drive to Pine Grove (near Bridgewater). We are officially moved and house in NL is up for sale. Thanks for the links! Good ones.

  8. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Mary Ann.
    That's a great quote, thank you.

  9. a happy belated Thanksgiving!! I hope you are far too much and a good time was had by all x


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