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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

About microwaves, barns and potions

Now how's THAT for a perplexing blog post title?!!  

Today I went back to working on my latest barn project and have, yet again, re-done the grass area.  For some reason it simply will-not-work despite my best efforts.  I had replaced the 'grass' twice over already and was on the third re-do, which I didn't remember to take a picture of (sorry).  

Here's the first effort...

Too much grass.  It took over.  I hated it.

Here's effort # 2...

After I embroidered on it for awhile it decided it was too bright.  Too garish.  Too spring green-ish.

Effort #3 (or was it #4??)

Please note that picture would show at
least two days worth of embroidery!!

Enter the use of the microwave....and paint....and green food colouring (which, btw, has dyed my fingers green....all ready for Halloween!).....and tea.  Add a dab of this, and a dollop of that....oops....throw it out because it turned a yucky shade of dog-poop-brown. Start over.   Insert piece of eyelet lace and brew it for awhile.  Squeeze out (more green tinge to my hands), rinse and iron dry.  

All that, to end up with....

Effort #4 (or maybe 5, depending on your viewpoint)

One wonders.
Will there be an Effort #5???

Today your quote is from Albert Einstein..."Insanity:  Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results"


  1. I think you need to mix several shades of green or whatever color you're using for the grass. Just my opinion. I hope it helps.

  2. Ha, ha.....oh, you make me laugh, Mary Anne. I am never perplexed when visiting you. =) From one insane gal to another keep stitching. I know you will come up with something brilliant. You know what I would do.......add oodles of flowers!! Surely barns can sit in a meadow of flowers!! =0

  3. visually, I think the first picture is the best...but what do I know. Thanks for the link to the 3 zipper bag. I have been thinking I should make a new one and perhaps I'll enlarge this one to a purse size bag.
    xx, Carol

  4. You are up to adventurous experimenting! You'll get it straightened out soon!
    Thanks for the tips. The bag tutorials are fun to look through.
    Have a good day, Mary Ann.

  5. I like the first picture of the barn best too, and agree that at least two shades of grass is desirable. :-)

  6. Thanks for these links dear Mary Ann as always!
    I did have to laugh at how you have been auditioning to get the right shade of green.
    I know just what this is like but your barn looks so sweet!
    Cheers for now,

  7. Barn looks great. It is often difficult to get the correct shade of green. I've been known to over dye commercial fabrics to get what I want. Waiting for the next phase of the barn progress. Thanks for the links


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