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Monday, October 16, 2017


The latest barn project is complete!!  Well, complete except for the label for the back, which I will work on next.  

This piece measures approx. 14 x 25".

The inspiration photo I used


Today your quote is from an anonymous source once again..."Life is like a camera....focus on what's important; capture the good times; develop from the negatives; and if things don't work out, take another shot"


  1. AMAZING!! You have outdone yourself, Mary Anne. Your barn is a work of art. All that belly gazing was worth it. =) Your stitching and design is such a wonderful interpretation of the photo of the barn. Aren't you a clever lady. Love today's quote, so very true.

  2. oooops....of course I meant "all that belly button gazing"!! =)

  3. It's fantastic! I know you struggled with the greenery but I think you found the right solution.

  4. Wow, your barn turned out beautifully! It is truly a work of art you should be proud of!

  5. This is a lovely work. And thank you for showing us the progress all the way through.

  6. this is an amazing finish especially after you agonized over it so much. the stitched grasses added so much movement in the forefront. It is just so pretty. Proud, aren't you!! You surely should be.
    xx, Carol

  7. Beautiful work, Mary Ann.
    Thanks for the tips. Eira's tiny embroidery work is amazing. I like her advice when
    asked 'how do you do it?' She says, 'Patience, patience, patience.'
    Super quote.

  8. Your barn quilt is amazing! Absolutely fabulous!

  9. Beautiful, beautiful barn quilt! You must be so proud!

  10. I had no doubt about your ability and imagination to come up with another masterpiece.
    You have such a knack for creating, MA.

  11. Oh, it looks fantastic! Love it!. It's all the embrodiery that makes it come alive. Surely you are loving that grass now.

  12. Bravo! Your barn is gorgeous! I am growing to love more machine thread play and you've done an awesome job here. Its inspiring me to get back to the thread painting!

  13. Wow, Mary Anne! Your barn quilt is amazing. You did a wonderful job on the grass, a masterful finish! I love the trees too!
    It’s just like a photograph. You must be so pleased with it!
    Barbara x

  14. I am in love with your barn and it resembles the photo so well. Your rework of the grass area certainly did cause you some angst however your finished piece is bliss! Preserving our wonderful old barns in fabrics is a loving and fulfilling Labor of Love. Well done dear. OMG on the miniature embroidery by Svetlana! I am speechless!! Great quote today...<3


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