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Thursday, August 03, 2017


Since absolutely NO stitching has been happening here at Chez Magpie, there will be no pictures to share. 

I know -
boring, right?

No knitting.
No crocheting.
No stitching.

I am going c-r-a-z-y!!!!

Does this mean that (horrors)
I have to CLEAN???

To bring you up to date on the ongoing saga about the sewing machine....I spent a large part of yesterday emailing back and forth (and on the phone too) with a lovely lady from Bernina head office.  More experiments with the machine, accompanied by much photo taking and sharing, has led to the consensus being that there is something off kilter with the lower tension.  (Could have told them that from the get-go, but anyhoo....).

Turns out that the store where I bought it should have given it a full service before they sold it, which didn't happen for whatever reason.  I bought, at a very reduced price, the demo model they had in the store - accompanied, thankfully, by a full warranty.  As of this moment I will be toting it back to the store next Thursday (what am I going to DO in the meantime???????!!!!) bright and early in the morning so that the repair guy can do the proper service and make the adjustments to the tension, which will (fingers crossed) rectify things.  I will bring it home and give it a VERY thorough run and, if things aren't right I will be heading back to the store to demand a refund or a replacement machine.  They have also promised to have an 'education' representative on hand to go over all the fine details on the machine with me to be sure I fully understand it (not necessary, but a nice additional touch).  Not only that, but the Bernina person also said she would be more than happy to meet me at the store and run interference with them should the need arise.  Not necessary, but lovely of her to offer. 

Out of all of this I have to say that I have nothing against Bernina per se - I think this machine, if working properly, would be more than adequate for anything I need.  I was happy to be assured by the rep that they, as policy, keep replacement parts for all discontinued machines available for at least 20 years.  That was good to know.  The company rep made me feel validated and completely understood the issues and assured me that none of this was my fault - I was fully prepared to have to go into battle and that was definitely not the case.  

So far, so good.  Stay tuned for further chapters in the ongoing saga!!

So, now how about some mumblings?

- If you have little ones in your life, perhaps you'd like to make them some of THESE hats.  I'm looking in my stash to see what might be usable so I can make one for each of our grandsons.

- I've been searching for some knitting patterns to perhaps create between now and that not-to-be-yet-mentioned day in December.  Found THIS one for our oldest 'grand'  and THIS one for our youngest.  And THIS one would be fun for the women in the family perhaps.

- If there's a little girl in your life, THIS would be so cute!

- There doesn't seem to be a specific tutorial on how to make THIS, but it's easily done I think.  Now to remember to save the cardboard rolls!

Today your quote is from another anonymous source..."The strongest people are not those who show strength in front of us, but those who win battles we know nothing about"


  1. You're going to be busy with all those cute sweater patterns.
    I hope you get that machine up and running right soon. It can be frustrating to get good service!
    I'll stay tuned to find out.
    Amen to that quote, life is a battle of sorts.

  2. Glad to hear you are having some success with getting your machine looked at by a technician. You should be back in business soon. Great links. I do like the cowl pattern. My granddaughter doesn't like sweaters. She prefers short sleeves winter & summer and just wear a jacket when outside without a sweater or long sleeved shirt.

  3. So hopefully it will be like getting a brand new machine!

  4. I went through something similar with a Whirlpool dishwasher. I took it right up to a Vice President that must have got tired of talking to me because he gave me a new one. Being diligent pays off.
    xx, Carol

  5. I am so glad Bernina is going to make it right with your machine. Too bad you have lost valuable sewing time. Great links as always. Amen to ths quote. Sultry Summer...even we are having humidity but no rain. <3

  6. Mary Anne, this is very unfortunate that this is still going on for you. Much luck with the fixing and repairs. Beautiful crazy quilt cover photo!!


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