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Monday, July 17, 2017

Rusting away! and toy for a little boy

This little fellow winged his way out west to live with our youngest grandbaby and by all reports it seems to have been a big success.  So much fun to make, and used up some scrap yarn from my stash. Pattern is 'Donato' and is a free pattern found on Ravelry HERE.  

(and before you ask, no I didn't do the watercolor that he's posing with!  It was painted by my Australian cousin).  

I can't (won't) show you what I'm doing right at the moment because it's an icky mess.  Currently there's little bits of cloth hanging over the chairs on the balcony so they can dry after I've rust dyed them.  Not exciting at this stage (come to think of it....maybe not exciting at ANY stage!!).  

- Vicki Welsh has posted her latest 'play' with making sun prints HERE and she has a great tutorial HERE about how she does it.  (Did you notice how I moved right into another form of dyeing?)

- I've been asked for a review of the online Craftsy class that I took prior to undertaking my barn landscape and I'm more than happy to do so.  The class was called "Pictorial Techniques with Machine Applique' by Wendy Butler Berns  and you can find it HERE.  If you are at all interested in creating landscape quilts using your own photographs, this is an excellent class!  Wendy uses a technique that is really easy to master and the amount of detail you choose to include in your project is up to you.  Of course you know I can't NOT include at least some embroidery!!  

- THIS is a really cute pillow.

This is another quote from an anonymous source..."We get so worried about being 'pretty'.  Let's be pretty kind, pretty funny, pretty smart, pretty strong"


  1. Love that toy, and that quote - I wish I'd read that when I was a teenager!

  2. Thanks for the review. I think I'll browse around over at Craftsy and see what other classes are offered.
    xx, Carol

  3. love your little bear for your little made me smile.
    How are you? Long time....I'm back from my travels with no intention to leave the house again for months!! x

  4. That barn in fabric is amazing. So talented too to make cute toys.

  5. Super cute knitted toy. Great review on your Craftsy class you took and which resulted in your first Fabulous Barn quilt. Rusting fabric??? Hmmm...sounds interesting. I agree with this quote...let us all add some Pretty to our days and ways. Summer Sun Smiles...<3

  6. I agree, cute bear, just the right size for a little one.
    Looking forward to seeing your new project too!

  7. So, you have an Aussie cousin. Love your grandbaby's knitted woolly. You most certainly don't have to convince me to add some pretty to my days. =)

  8. The baby toy is cute and cuddly. Nice job! I think I've purchased that same class - however, I haven't watched it all yet. That will come when we move to NS.I do like that cute pillow.

  9. Handsome little fella!


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