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Thursday, July 13, 2017


I'm sorry to say that my barn project is finished!  Sorry - not because I don't like it, but sorry because it's done and I can't play with it any more.  I had SO much fun creating this and I know I am going to be doing more, once I augment my stash enough to do so.  

First of all, here is the original photo I was working from...

You will notice I took a little creative license and left the people out and added a couple of horses to the scene.  I'm giving this as a Christmas gift and the people once owned two horses, so I thought it would be nice to include them.

Now, here's the finished piece...

The frame was a perfect thrift store find!


I think you can click to embiggen them 
if you so desire!
(just don't look too close!!)

Earlier in the week DH and I took a little road trip in search of barns that I could create and I think this one will be next 'up' to play with...
These are the types of barns I'm fascinated with.

Today the quote is from anonymous..."The same boiling water that softens the potato hardens the egg.  it's about what you're made of, not the circumstances"


  1. Oh my goodness - your barn is stunning! You are so talented.

  2. I like the idea of going out in search of likely barns! The landscape is lovely. Someone's lucky!

  3. I LOVE your completed Barn quilt. The addition of the 2 horses is very thoughtful for your friends. Leaving out the people is a good omission. Your fabric selections are perfect and look fantastic with the stitching details. I do believe you are going too make more Barn quilts. The next project barn photo is wonderful. Excellent links and I do love little wallets, bags and pouches. Interesting thought provoking quote. Congratulations on your Fabulous Barn Quilt. <3

  4. Beautiful! Your barn looks like a lot of fun work. The new barn is interesting as well.

  5. Great finish, Mary Ann.
    And you're going to start another, isn't it fun to get going on a new theme?
    Can't wait to see more, thanks for sharing.

  6. It looks great. Could you post a kind of review of the class and how much help it was in learning techniques you used to create this piece? I see classes all the time I might like to try, but am reluctant due to a limited income and wanting to be sure I am not wasting money.
    xx, CArol

  7. Anonymous5:24 PM

    This turned out perfectly! Love every inch!! It really makes me sad to see those beautiful giants going to ruin...wish they could all be saved.

    Susie Q

  8. Two thumbs up to you. Your barn is fantastic. I can hardly tell yours from the photo!!!

  9. It is spot on!! How nice of your man to come along for the search of barns. He's a gem!! About the framing part, do you follow any tutorial to frame your works?

  10. Oh Wow!! My goodness you stitched your beautiful barn rather quickly. It looks amazing. I can totally understand why you are hooked on barns. Look forward to seeing your next barn creation.

  11. A note for Deepa (can't respond to you directly because you're set to 'no reply') tutorial for framing...just a wing & a prayer! I ironed the landscape to some medium weight interfacing and then used double-sided tape on the edges to affix it to a piece of paper board cut to the size of the frame. Easy peasy!

  12. Wow, it looks really great!

  13. Your landscape is just beautiful. I did some close-ups and all thumbs up!!! Great links too.

  14. The barn turned out fabulously!! Seriously, you did an amazing job. Take a bow - you should be very proud!

  15. What an amazing gift! You did a fabulous job on this piece of art. I am sure it will be treasured. I look forward to seeing your next barn quilt!


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