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Monday, July 31, 2017

Bumbling along

Who knew?  I not only mumble but I bumble too!!  Just a woman of multi-talents, that's me.  

To explain....I've been working away on Barn #2 and decided I wasn't happy.  Not at all.  Quite perturbed actually.  It just plain didn't look right.  Of course not having taken any lessons in this form of art and having to rely on what tidbits I can glean from books and the internet makes it a lot more difficult.  Not having any training in art whatsoever is probably the biggest issue.


Here's what I've done so far and maybe (most likely!!) you can see what has me wondering...

The scene I'm attempting to use for inspiration is this one....

I'm limited in what I use for fabrics to what I have in my stash so that's part of the problem. you see the grass?  Can you see that it's a great big fat mound of yuck?  I wanted a field of grass and it looks like there's too much 'distance' to it - for lack of a better explanation.  It's too much.  

So I putzed a bit and laid some 
fabric over top to audition and came up
with this...

To my seriously un-trained eye I think it looks better.  It's no longer seeming to be the focal point.  Maybe.  Or maybe not.  


or should it be scuttled altogether?


- Although I would never create one of THESE, I have to admit it made me smile.

- In my quest to learn all I can about landscape quilting, I have found a wonderful blog and am slowly reading my way through every one of her posts.  THIS particular one definitely caught my eye and not because it's for landscapes.  She has an amazing tip for the sane quilters out there that have issues with deciding on quilt block arrangements and spend tons of time moving blocks about to settle on a layout..  Go see what she does (scroll down a bit in her post to see it).  Talk about inspired!!

- There's a really pretty crocheted shawl pattern available HERE.  Perfect for a wedding shawl I think.  And HERE's another wonderful one that would be a perfect stash buster.  Be sure to scroll down to see some of the different colourways.

- I love THIS one for all the versatile ways you can wear it.

Oh, and just for fun, how about a picture of DH's garlic crop?  Planted in a container on our balcony!

Today the quote is from Warren Buffet...."It is better to be approximately right than precisely wrong"


  1. I am no help at all! I like it with the grassy curves and I like the bottom picture, too. ;) What a great garlic harvest!

  2. You have art talent, IMHO. The work you do is good Art.
    The 2nd barn is nice. Remember, you asked...The areas beside the barn are pretty, but maybe not with that barn. Lovely work just the same.

  3. I am Zero help with quilting and I see your barn as wonderful. I agree the grassy area just might be too much area and therefore detracting from the barn. i rather like your layover idea. Fabulous garlic harvest by hubby. I love garlic and especially roasted bulbs spread on baguette toasts. Fun links and the little crochet shrug is my favorite. Good Ol' Warren Buffet...such a wise man! <3

  4. I love how your barn is coming along, but I think the problem is with the colour of the bushes/trees right up at the barn. According to the picture, the tones of the grass and the trees are the same, so I'm thinking that you should use the same material for both the grass and the trees. How to differentiate between the two so it doesn't look like the grass is growing up the barn? Use thread the same colour as the barn on the trees to emulate openings in the leaf canopy to let the barn show through the green trees, and to create the trunk and branches. Hopefully, that should do the trick. Just a thought......
    Hugs from Suz

  5. I love container gardening for food! Must try garlic.

    I think, speaking as an exhibiting artist and wshop teacher, that the problem is not you on the barn pic. It's the composition of your pic. Try cropping in various ways to improve the composition. And introduce some interesting shadows? The original image is mainly mid-range in value, needs punching up a bit. Just a thought.

  6. I love your rendition of the barn but I think that the first green is best.
    Have you thought about using micron markers or Scripto or some other marker that is archive quality and won't run on fabric? Maybe fabric paint?
    I agree with Suztats.

  7. I like the darker green better than the lighter foreground green. But I would keep the lighter, just trim it down. As for the bushes, I think the one on the right extends too far into the middle (in front of the black area). I'd trim that down so it barely extends beyond the corner of the barn. Does that make sense? Your color sense and eye are amazing, and I think you're just second-guessing yourself too much. You'll get varying opinions from us (your friends in the peanut gallery), but trust your gut. You've got this!

  8. I would think that the biggest block on landscape quilting is not having just the right fabric for what you want to create. I have known for a while that I want to try it and have been collecting fabrics every chance I get. I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't be able to do a landscape without embroidered embellishment.
    xx, Carol


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