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Tuesday, July 04, 2017

A new venture and a dent

I may have mentioned previously that I've been toying with attempting to make a landscape quilt featuring a barn, after having been gifted with an online class by Wendy Butler Berns through Craftsy.  Over the weekend I made a start at it.  Not sure about it quite yet.  I am limited in the fabric choices I have because I'm not a 'sane' quilter and therefore am sadly lacking in cotton options in my stash.  Anyway, here's the first step...

Remains to be seen how much of a mess I'm going to create from now on in!

Stupidity runs rampant here at Chez Magpie - at times the degree of same increases beyond even my expectations.  Our much-loved Toyota Rav4, with me at the helm, managed to back into a little Pontiac Sunfire whilst attempting to exit a parking spot.  Sunfire got the worst of it and I feel exceedingly stoooopid.  Nobody was hurt, fortunately, but it's taking awhile to recover from the self-abuse I'm wallowing in.  First time in all my years of driving that I've done something that dumb and I must say that I hope it's the last!

I'd like to also wish our neighbours to the south a very happy 4th of July!  Be safe.

- There's a really pretty quilt pattern available through a link HERE.  I love the colours the artist used.

- THIS artist does really great work (there are three different links to see her work, so be sure to click on them to explore!).

- There's a really pretty crocheted trim pattern & video found HERE.  

- Some beautiful art quilts HERE.  

Today your quote is from an anonymous source..."You can't fix stupidity - even with duct tape"


  1. I think your barn landscape picture is coming along beautifully.
    I have a hard time forgiving myself mistakes as well, so I shouldn't be giving advice. Of course it is so good no one is hurt and cars can be fixed. So try to not beat yourself up too much. Accidents happen and no one is perfect...what I tell myself.

  2. I think your barn is looking good. I follow another lady that does of lot of those quilts, I'll get her url and send it to you. She is inspiring. Thee art quilts you shared thee link to where amazing.
    Enjoy the rest of your 4th, be safe with the fireworks.

  3. I am so sorry you had a mishap with your car. At least no one was injured and vehicles can be fixed or replaced. I really like your beginning Barn quilt. I love old barns and always have. Great links and lots of amazing inspiration. I got mesmerized by the crochet flower chain. So far we have enjoyed a safe Fourth...I hope it lasts tonight when idiots might shoot off fireworks. We are in a high fire danger warning here.

  4. Ouch! I hate it when that happens. So glad there were no injuries!

  5. I think the barn quilt is off to a great start! So sorry about your fender-bender.

  6. The landscape is looking good! Great job. Sorry about the car mishap - those things happen and no one was hurt. Thanks for the links.

  7. Don't be so hard on yourself....things like that happen. Glad no-one was hurt. Love your barn. I look forward to seeing the progress. Hope you enjoyed a lovely July 4th.

  8. Your cotton fabric choices look amazing to me!

    I am so sorry about the accident. Sending hugs your way!


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