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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Reveal day!!

I'm so excited that today is the big reveal day for sweet Stephanie's (of  The Enchanting Rose blog) 10th Tea Cup and Mug Exchange!

I have wanted to play along with this for a couple of years and finally mustered my courage and signed up - and I'm so happy I did!

Each participant sent, and received, a lovely parcel from their swap partner and I'm happy to be able to share what I sent, and received.

First of all, my 'send-to' partner was Marina (who unfortunately doesn't have a blog) and I had such fun putting a parcel of goodies together for her.  She shared that she collects things pertaining to birds and has a lovely Black Lab dog and a pet sparrow.  She wanted a mug so the hunt began.  I initially searched for one with a bird theme and perhaps some flowers to make it prettily feminine.  The hunt came to a screeching (almost literally) halt when I came across THE most absolutely perfect meant-to-be mug that featured not only birds but a black lab too!!!!  I was so excited!!  

Here is what I sent to her...

I made her a mug rug, featuring a bird and a cross-stitched
Black Lab.
A crocheted coaster; a rose tea-light
holder (also crocheted) and 
maple leaf coasters.

Teas, chocolate and a few other things
rounded out my parcel, along with a 
handmade card...

The lovely Sandra from all the way over in France put together a lovely parcel filled with special goodies just for me...

There's a lovely mug featuring flowers and a deer from their area in France; an assortment of flavoured teas and hot chocolates (which I'm happily enjoying!!); my favourite chocolates; some pretty fabrics; the sweetest little mouse ornament (which just happened to be attached to some chocolate); and a lovely little tea bag holder, also from her area in France.  I use the tea bag holder every single day!  Thank you Sandra!!!!

Today your quote is from Lin Yutang..."There is something in the nature of tea that leads us into a world of quiet contemplation"


  1. You are such a delight, dear Mary Anne! I just love how you went the extra mile to put together a package that Marina would enjoy. The fact that she loves birds and labs and you were able to find a mug with both of those animals on it is AMAZING! And the mug rug you made her just darling.

    What a stunning package from Sandra and the mug is truly beautiful. The selection of tea she sent you looks and sound wonderful. Happy tea time, my friend.

    Love and hugs to you!

  2. Lovely gifts on both sides!

  3. I love the reveal and getting to see what everyone gave and received!


  4. You actually found her a mug with a black lab dog and bird - that is extraordinary! What a find specifically perfect for her!

    Your treasures coming AND going are delightful.

    And yes, I agree, it's amazing Stephanie can keep this organized - what a labor of love she toils over so that we may have this exquisite pleasure. She's an angel.

    Isn't it FUN????

  5. What beautiful gifts both sent and received! I love the mug that you sent and the items you made were fabulous! Your gifts from Sandra were delightful too! What a fun swap! Enjoy your tea and treats! Christine x

  6. What lovely exchanges. It's nice when you both know what the other likes.

  7. The mug rug you made for Marina is adorable and the mug, a perfect match.
    A lovely parcel from France and a unique mug that will be used fondly, I'm sure.

  8. What fun, giving and receiving treats by mail.
    Beautiful gifts, Mary Ann.

  9. That mug is the perfect one for Marina. How fortuitous you found such a special mug for her with a Labrador and birds. I love all the other pretties you sent her. Your parcel from France is filled with gorgeous gifts....ooh-la-la! May you enjoy many a day sipping from your pretty china for days to come.

  10. Wow! Cool swap! What lovely things - sent and received. Sounds like a great swap.

  11. don't faint!!!! I'm here!!!! It's me!!!!
    How wonderful to receive this amazing parcel you sent....lucky lady x

  12. Mary Ann,
    I love all of the items received and sent. How very thoughtful to customize the items you sent to match her interests and likes! The mug mat is adorable! The package you received is beautiful, so many things to enjoy!

  13. I truly enjoyed getting to see what you received ! Everything was beautiful! This exchange has been so much fun and blessing ! Hope you have a blessed week!

  14. Anonymous8:55 PM

    I also love birds, and was really loving the package you sent out! The package you received is equally as nice. :)

  15. I had no idea this Tea Cup swap was international and involved so many participants. Your package received was very nice indeed. The package you sent was truly magnificent and you put a lot of thought and time into your gifts. Looks like a wonderful swap to be part of. Happy Serene Tea Sipping Dear...<3

  16. Wowee you sound like me, to be blown away by these kind ladies that you have given to and received from, in Stephanie's wonderful Tea Cup and Mug exchange. What thought you have put into the gifts you have sent and created. The cup was an inspired find!!
    Sending you love and hugs from Thailand.
    Wren x

  17. What a wonderful find on that mug!! Delight for sure. :)
    You made some lovely gifts for you recipient.
    So nice visiting with you~~

  18. How exciting to receive a package all the way from France. What happy serendipity to find a mug with Marina's favourite things. I'm sure she loved it!

  19. Oh wow, to send and receive such wonderful gifts, priceless! I love that you were able to find that mug and the rug is perfect for it.


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