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Monday, April 10, 2017

Just to prove.....

....that something else happens around Chez Magpie than just embroidery and knitting!....

Our #1 grandson will be turning three soon and he got a play kitchen for Christmas.  Of course Grandma needs to make him some food to go along with it!  First 'up' is a burger with fixin's.  

The white 'blob' you see is reversible - it's supposed to be mayo with ketchup on one side, and there's mustard on the other.  
(Thank you Lyn for the burger pattie fabric!!)

Today's mumblings....

- Talk about a work of art (and a labour of love)!!!  Have a look at THIS beautiful mosaic wall created by Vicki Welsh.  She has spent a very long time creating it and the amount of detail is incredible.

- Kathy Shaw has opened online registrations for her latest BCQC-2 crazy quilting class and you can find further information on that HERE.

- For those of you who happen to like foxes AND tea, how about making yourself one of THESE?  (Pattern link is at the bottom of her post).  Or if you like sweet little bunnies how about THIS one?

- HERE's a cute cross stitch pattern for Easter Eggs - they show them on a towel, but they could be used anywhere you like.

- Pam Kellogg is introducing a new series of inspirational counted cross stitch patterns and you can find out more by going to her blog post HERE.  

Today your quote is from Steve Maraboli...."A new day:  Be open enough to see opportunities.  Be wise enough to be grateful.  Be courageous enough to be happy"


  1. Exciting things going on here!
    The hamburger is amazing, what fun, your grandson will enjoy that.
    And then there's the foxy tea cozy, clever.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. LOVE this! What a fab gift :)

  3. How very adorable annd clever. Love the felt hamburger for your little Grand. Felt is such a wonderful easy medium to work with. The food possibilities are endless! Vicki's mosaic wall is amazing! Spring Bliss Blossoms...<3

  4. What a brilliant burger! It looks good enough to eat Mary Anne! Your grandson is going to get so much pleasure playing with it in his kitchen! Christine x

  5. When my daughter was small I saw a hamburger pattern like this only for a floor pillow. I thought it would be cool, but then I thought about how much dog hair it would attract. Love your burger. Will you make more, or other foods?
    xx, Carol

  6. Yummo! You are a wee bit clever, lovely Mary Anne!

  7. The hamburger makes me hungry! Great job! Love the foxy tea cozy.


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