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Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Block 6 begins

I apologize in advance for the horrendous cropping of the pictures and diagrams - for reasons known only unto the computer, cropping is cancelled for today.  Argh!!  Now, on to the beginnings of Block Six of the Courtship Series...

This one was done with straight stitches, a few little cross stitches, and then I added French knots and some beads.

The heart within a heart was all done with cross stitches.  You could remove the middle heart and use flowers instead (silk ribbon would be lovely!).  


Since I started the courtship series, I've been wrestling with ideas of how to finish the blocks off and I have a few ideas floating about in my brain - one of which I would like to tackle, but not at all sure it will work.  Came across this quote this morning and perhaps it's telling me something??? It's from Mandy Hale..."You don't always need a plan.  Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go and see what happens"


  1. Beautiful start to what I know will be another beautiful block! You are making great progress on this quilt Mary Anne! Christine x

  2. Very nice stitching! Two of the ladies at guild, showed off some of their crazy quilting blocks, tonight. The base fabrics was silk. Great links! Thanks

  3. I have "Liked" FB page for Mia Musa Photography. I hope your son and dil will have wonderful success in this venture. Great seam treatments to begin Block 6. Fun links again. I don' know how you find so many each day. Thank You Mary Anne Dear...<3

  4. Very lovely and of course your stitches are perfect. Thanks for the the links. Hard to believe that Easter is almost here. Time speeds on!
    xx, Carol

  5. What a great quote with wise words to follow!
    Courtship Series = doesn't that sound nice and certainly looks lovely.
    I am playing catch up and will find my way down your posts.

  6. Very pretty:) I never thought about the likes on a Facebook page making your page more visible when someone does a query. I opened a specific page for my doll making as the doll club I belong to on Facebook asked the members to do so. I didn't was to use my personal page. I now have nearly 1600 likes. It makes me feel guilty as I don't post on there as often as I should.

  7. Thank you everyone for hopping on my wife and I's facebook page! Means a lot to us. If any of you are curious about what our entire portfolio looks like, you can check us out at

  8. I think the quote is perfect!!!!


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