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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Breakfast, anyone?

Further in my playing about with creating felt food for #1 grandson, how about some breakfast?

I kind of suspect that Grandma is having just as much fun making these as he will playing with them...maybe even more.

- For those of you who like Temari - either to create yourself or just plain admire, THIS is a great site.

- THIS little hand sewing hint is probably something most are aware of, but perhaps I'm sharing, just in case!  Sometimes it's the simplest things that make all the difference.

- THESE fall under the awwwww category.  Hard to imagine that they're edible!  Or how about THIS one?  Definitely too pretty to eat!  And you can go HERE and scroll through all the amazingly decorated cookies.

Yesterday we had pretty much perfect weather - sunny and warm - although we did end up with a thunderstorm passing through.  So, in light of the fact that maybe (just maybe) spring might be here....your quote today comes from Virgin A. Kraft..."Spring shows what God can do with a drab and dirty world"


  1. You know I knew that thing about the thread loop but completely forgot it. I need to use that idea today...thank you:) I also saw her edible food cute.

  2. Most definitely, you are having way more fun. Quite a change from precise embroidery work.

  3. Yes, me thinks Grandma is having much too much fun whipping up these gastronomical felty treats!

  4. Hi, Mary Ann, thanks for the reminder tip link, 'How to Start Sewing Without a Knot', I know that's a great idea
    and it works well.
    Your grandson will have fun 'eating' and 'cooking.'
    Good quote for spring.

  5. Your grandson will have fun 'eating and cooking' that food!
    Thanks for the tip link about starting to sew without a knot, very useful, good jog to memory.
    The quote is perfect for spring.

  6. I adore your felt food and you should be having way too much fun! Super clever gift for a Grand. The cookie links are incredible. True Works of HeArt. I have never tried the thread loop instead of a knot. Hmmm... Spring quote is right on. Hope your Spring is here for real. We are having more rain storms.

  7. Yummy we are keen to join you for breakfast!

  8. I'm glad you're having fun Mary Anne! The breakfast is another fabulous addition to the kitchen food you are making.... it certainly made my mouth water! Christine x

  9. I agree with the above comments: you are having lots of fun! Certainly quite different from hand embroidery. Great links

  10. Neat knot trick. I think I learned it a long time ago but forgot it!! I saw this bacon in my blog roll but got side tracked. Glad I remembered to come back and see it again. This just might be the start of your grandson becoming a chef!!
    xx, Carol

  11. this really is a labour of love....lucky grandson Mary Anne....


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