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Thursday, April 20, 2017

A further swap update

As an additional 'bit' about the swap I posted about yesterday, I thought I'd show you the absolutely lovely 'thank you' I received from my swap partner Marina.  One of the 'rules' of the swap is that you send a thank you card to your partner, but imagine my surprise when I received a fat envelope in my mailbox and out tumbled some amazing things!  

After a struggle with my camera and computer refusing to discuss things with each other (why on earth would my Canon camera suddenly decide that it should download pictures onto DH's Nikon camera program escapes any logic I know of! @#$#!!!)'s a couple pictures of what I received...

hang on - another blip.....


Just look at the treasures she sent!  First of all she wrote a lovely letter on that pretty flowered paper (which will be saved for use in a creation later on); the beautiful cross stitched violet sachet (and the stitches are teeny tiny too!); the pretty cross stitch sewing-themed pattern; two beautiful quilt-themed postcards with quotes on them; AND some gorgeous buttons!!  Thank you Marina!!

Phew, what a struggle THAT was!
Have no clue why the computer is
deciding to be difficult, but assume it
must be atmospheric.
Either that or she's PMS'ing!!

I also sent a little handmade card to my swap partner to thank her for the goodies she sent to me and apparently the picture I took has disappeared off my computer....hmmm.....'s similar to
the one I sent to my swap partner...

(which has also disappeared!!)

....the mystery thickens.....

I went searching for a quote about frustrations with computers and came across this one by Paulo Coelho..."Life has many ways of testing a person's will either by having nothing happen at all or by having everything all at once" and I was satisfied with that one, but THEN I found THE perfect quote by Peter Drucker... "The computer is a moron"

Yep, nuff said!!!


  1. This swap was a "double the pleasure" event. I think you have found the best description quote yet. I have been seeing kangaroo themed projects so you may be at the forefront of yet another trend. Lovely Spring to You...<3

  2. Ha just hopping across to your post to say in my best Aussie accent G'day and I love the Roo socks! This tea cup and mug exchange is the gift that keeps on giving... what a wonderful thank you letter shame your computer has not understood the importance of performing at this time. Hope your moron wakes up feeling better tomorrow :)
    Wren x

  3. Ha...ha....things going missing, coming back, moved to different places etc....happens all the time where I work at the community centre. People coming and going all the time, church on Sunday my desk is the dumping ground for everything. Everyday it's exciting to see what has come and gone! Especially Monday morning. Pretty sure your computer and camera will chat, work out their differences and become friends again.

    Love those Kangaroo sock toys!

  4. What a lovely extra surprise for you Mary Anne! I do hope your computer and camera make peace with one another!! Have a lovely weekend! Christine x

  5. What a great thank you!


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