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Monday, July 18, 2016

I'm never bored!

Today I'm going to show you something completely different than the 'norm' here, just to prove that I actually do other things than just crazy quilt all the time.  Yes, I know - who knew?

I was recently gifted (thank you!!) with some wonderful books written by Tone Finnanger containing patterns for making Tilda dolls.  After mulling over what I might create, this doll appeared in my life...

Her dress is made using a hankie for the overskirt and the underskirt is made from layers of lace.  She also has a lacy slip and underwear (for after all, what self-respecting doll wouldn't want proper underwear?).  She has red shoes (simply because I love red name should have been 'Dorothy'!) and a crocheted hat.  

It's very hard to get a decent picture because she measures 24" tall.

If you aren't familiar with Tilda dolls, please google the name and you will find all sorts of wonderful examples all over the internet.  
- - - - - - - -

This morning I changed gears completely and put together some fake flowers into a 'saddle' to adorn my parents gravestone.  Every year I re-do this because the weather tends to fade the flowers.  Thank goodness for dollar store flowers!

A florist I am not!!
- - - - - - - - -

A mumbling (or two)....

- Renee of 'Living My Dream' posted the results of her 'Third Annual Piggy Bank Savings' challenge spearheaded by 'Val's Quilting Studio' and there will be another one issued for the next year.  It's a great challenge and a fun way to save a little bit of money towards stash enhancement!  Go HERE to see Renee's post and HERE to read more about the challenge.  

- Further in the 'out of the norm' theme that's happening in this post, how about making yourself (or someone you love) some super decadent body butter from THIS recipe?  Maybe make a note of this one because THAT day in December will sneak up on you faster than you think and this would make wonderful gifts!

- There's a great post HERE about what to do when you hit a creative slump.  
- - - - - - - - -

Today your quote is from Monica Johnson.... "Pray for someone else's child; your pastor; the military; the police officers; the firemen; the teachers; the government.  There's no end to the ways that you can intervene on behalf of others through prayer"


  1. Who's got time to be bored?? Your doll is so pretty, Mary Ann. Love her outfit you stitched and those red shoes. I think there are a lot of Dorothys out there. I have a few Tone Finnanger books in my library. She designs the most wonderful projects.

  2. your doll is divine. She looks like a very refined lady of means....

  3. That Title got my attention!! I just said this same thing to someone yesterday!! I pride myself in NEVER being bored, lol.

    LOVE Tilda. I picked up a couple of books and have not had the chance to make her yet, but I WILL!! You dressed her so prettily. I absolutely love her.
    xx, Carol

  4. i remember reading about Tilda dolls. I have a 2003 pattern for a Mary Tessler doll that i started years ago and just picked up again and am remembering why it was not finished. the instructions are not understandable to me....but i'm going to try and ad lib. are you familiar with her dolls?

  5. Your Tilda Doll is darling! I love the use of the laces and the hankie for the dress. The body butter sounds like a fun one to make. :) And, you are just too sweet to link to my blog. I must admit the savings have been spent. I'll be sharing the goodies I purchased with them tomorrow. I foresee a bit of quilting in my future. Your bouquet of flowers turned out lovely. And, as always, I love your quote. I am also praying for those with anger and bitterness in their hearts. It feels like the world needs more love than ever these days. (((Hugs)))

  6. Lovely Tilda doll. She is bigger than I had envisioned when I looked at the photo. Love how books inspire. I am never bored either except maybe when I am between projects for a teensy bit.

  7. Great job on your Tilda. Love the use of the beautiful hankie.

  8. Tilda is fabulous, Mary Ann, the red shoes are over the top.
    Your quote is good, I agree, caring and praying for people around you
    makes a huge difference.

  9. I am NEVER bored annd I am grateful I have a creative spirit to keep me engaged. I LOVE Tilda and recently purchased a couple of her (Tone) books. Patterns are photocopied and awaiting time for me to cut fabric and sew. I adore how you have dressed your Tilda doll. Yes, we do love red shoes! World Peace is possible...People stop hating and killing!

  10. This is a lovely doll! I'll be keeping my eye out now for cute hankies.

  11. Love Tilda dolls. Simple and unique:)

  12. Lovely Tilda doll!


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