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Friday, July 15, 2016

A new series

Today is the first of a new series I thought I'd share with you.  These are not seam treatments per se, but they can certainly be used as such simply by repeating them across your seam.  They can also be used as individual motifs representing either flowers or snowflakes.  You can add beads and use whatever threads you desire.  I would recommend using waste canvas for these.

Over the next few days I will share some more of these patterns.  Hope you find them of some use in your work.

- Karen of 'My Desert Cottage' is currently hosting the 'Where Bloggers Create' online party and it's a winner.  If you want to peek into all sorts of creative spaces (and maybe get some ideas to spruce up your own) go HERE for the list of participants and to see Karen's own creative space.  It's great fun to visit everyone!

- Yesterday I sent you to see some crochet patterns suitable for the current Pokemon rage and not to leave out the cross stitchers and knitters I have found some cross stitch ones HERE and some knitted ones HERE.  

- There are some really cool stitched botanicals on Ann Wood's site  HERE.  

All of us are horrified yet again by the totally senseless violence and loss of life that has occurred in France once again.  There are simply no words to express the sorrow that the whole world feels.  The quote today is a fitting one and is from Mahatma Gandhi...."Terrorism and deception are weapons not of the strong, but of the weak"


  1. Neat motif samples, MA.
    Our hearts go out to the people of Paris. Apt quote.

  2. There are such senseless acts of terror annd so many lives being lost. You have chosen a quote that is very appropriate. Thank you for the great templates for stitchings.

  3. Lovely pretty snowflakes! Gandhi is right!

  4. very lovely pattern doodles.....yes, France, the World? We must be kind to each other, always....

  5. Love these! (I'm catching up on reading and saw your updated post.) I'm keeping this pattern as I had an idea for a Christmas project. Thank you, lady!! Zenda


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