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Friday, July 22, 2016

Hot, hot, hot

Too hot for celebrating such things as birthdays.  Too hot for stitching (which I never thought I would ever say!).  Just too hot.  34 degrees Celsius and high humidity....thank goodness there's at least a breeze.

We decided to get in the car (air conditioned) and go out of town and hit the fabric shop (air conditioned) and a couple of thrift stores (air conditioned) and have a nice birthday lunch (air conditioned).  As of this moment there's no rain in the forecast until at least Monday - hopefully it won't be a huge storm when this does break.  
At least I can say I got everything that was on my shopping list so that was a bonus.

So, because there's been no stitching and I really would like to try to think cool thoughts, I will give you some more snowflakes (or flowers - or seam treatments - your choice)....

Instead of your quote for today, I found this wonderful picture....

I don't know who to credit this to, but whoever it was - gotta love that dog!  He's definitely got the right idea.


  1. It's rough here as well, and I'm glad I've enjoyed the recent breezes, because there sure isn't a breath stirring today. I'd planned to take Piper for a walk early this morning, but it was already just miserable. Good day for doing the computer-switching stuff, I suppose. Can't avoid it, at any rate!
    Take care, and enjoy your (air-conditioned) adventures :)

  2. Happy Birthday Mary Anne dear. Sounds like you enjoyed your day of shopping. That dog stretched out on a bed of ice cubes is too funny. Keep celebrating every day and eat cake.

  3. у нас не жарко уже - можно вышивать))))))) спасибо за снежинки

  4. Yes, the heat is high, the grass is crispy, and my gardens are wilting (even with watering!) but I'm still stitching anyway. I'm hiding indoors where we have a small portable air conditioner in the livingroom that will help cool a little and remove some of the humidity. Sleeping in the basement, too. Stay cool.

  5. A belated but happy Birthday wish to you Mary Anne.

    Good to hear air conditioning was available all day. I hope cooler days have arrived for everyone.

  6. Ha...ha.... loved the picture! Happy air conditioned birthday!!!

  7. Too funny! This is a true thriftie -- too hot for anything except a bit of shopping!! Happy birthday to whoever had the bday, you or handsome husband

  8. Happy Birthday Mary Anne. Sounds like a wonderful day!
    We've been suffering with the heat here in SE England, although the weather seems about to break, hopefully!
    Barbara xx

  9. Happy birthday, Mary Ann. Sounds like you had a fun day, aside from the heat of course.
    That does look refreshing, to lay in a pile of ice, ahhhhh.

  10. Happy belated birthday Mary Anne.I'm sorry it's been so hot.Did you buy lots of nice things?

  11. yes, we have air conditioning in the car. I was so tempted to take my sewing and sit in the car all day several times last week.

  12. Anonymous10:49 AM

    Just a thought - when you put up something like these pages, might want to write your name, the copyright symbol, and maybe your website, for those of us who always forget where we got things!

    It sounds like a wonderful birthday, and I hope the weather has cooled for you.


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