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Monday, July 11, 2016

Another seam treatment

Here's another in the little seam treatment series...

This one is fairly simple...a row of chain stitches (red in diagram); followed by the glass sequins (circle in diagram) and straight stitches in silver metallic thread (green in diagram) and gold metallic beads.

Just a couple of mumblings for today....

1.  If you're a knitter, perhaps you'd be interested in 25 tips to improve your knitting skills that can be found HERE.  

2. If your sewing machine occasionally  pitches a fit and decides to make an incredibly complicated birds' nest of thread on the back, you will find this of value.

Instead of my normal quote, I thought I'd share this....



  1. Great quote! Love the seam treatment, this looks easy enough for me to do .... And I always need help with my knitting, so I'm off to read the knitting tips!
    Thank you all the lovely ideas MA.
    Hugs, Barbara xx

  2. Really like the pretty seam stitching....and the quote is very timely.

  3. Lovely seam treatment.

    I loved the photo and quote at the end. Wonderful and oh so true.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  4. Another lovely seam embroidery. Love that quote!

  5. this one is extra precious (you have been busy whilst I wasn't looking!!)....and your quote is so appropriate.


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